December 11 2006
Living in step with the Holy Spirit.... That is what this life journey is about... The Holy Spirit has been given to each Christian and it is up to us to allow him to transform us to be more like Jesus.... We can not transform ourselves.... We obviously can't or we would of never felt the need to accept Jesus Christ as our Lord. Why did we do that? If we were to be honest our first ambitions were very selfish. But as we grow in this relationship we gradually turn our focus from an inward desire to "feel good" outward to giving God the glory he truly deseserves.... But we so often end up forgetting about the Holy Spirit along the way. The Holy Spirit who is the part of the trinity that does this transforming work we so desperatly desire. You see, my life and I am sure many other Christians lives are marked with distractions and we are so distracted that we begin to loose our ability to hear God's guidence and to feel his presence around us... But my answer to this is it is simply a lack of tuning into the Holy Spirit....I do not doubt our desire to be transformed.....But we can't be transformed except through the HolySpirit! I wish i had a way to diagram.... Ok here is my best try - - - so no relationship with God and we do not have the Holy Spirit dwelling in us. We flail around trying to do things in this life utill we finally get fed up and decide to take a step of faith and ask God to enter us and have a relationship with us...... At this moment we receive the Holy Spirit, whho begins transformation. We feel his presence and transformational power and it excites us. But the next thing we know it feels like God is distant... Why? He isnt distant.... He is never changing.... It is us! We do not spend the time tuning into God's voice! When we dicipline ourselves to give God the time of day and to truly seek him our hearts begin to tune into Gods presence around us (Holy Spirit) We hear his voice and guidence..... But here is the big kicker - We must take the time to do this. It takes dicipline and perseverence. God wants more than us to transform us! We are the problem when it comes to feeling like our spiritual state is stagnant. God is near! May we spend time tuning into his voice! May we open our hearts to the transformational power of the Holy Spirit! May we continue to allow God to do his work in us. May we dicipline ourselves to seek God!!!!! God is calling. God is beckoning us to listen! He is so so so so very close! Closer than we can ever imagine! He is dwelling in each of us! In our eternal soul! Nothing is closer than that! He wants to transform us and use us. God is whispering to each of his children every day andevery second.... It is up to us to learn how to listen....... I love each of you. May God bless each of you! Keep fighting the good fight of faith for our Lord Jesus Christ!

Your brother in Christ,
Gal. 2:20