More thoughts on the Holy Spirit

June 20 2006

Christ is my life. The Holy Spirit is the presence of Christ
in me. I am a bearer not a producer of fruit. He is the vine, I am the branch.


Aright, Christ is my life….. and the holy spirit is the
presence of Christ in me…. If the Holy Spirit is the presence of Christ in me
and he is the author of life then he too is the supplier of life. So I have
already come to the conclusion that the Holy Spirit is as much God as God the
father is. I have also come to the conclusion that the Holy Spirit (being God)
is living within me! So as I type he is living within my soul and in my heart!
So if the God of all the universe is moving within me, and he is the source of
life, I must live knowing that! The Holy Spirit is Christ living in me! So if I
believe that Christ is the author of life and he is the only thing I want to
live for, then I must live knowing that he is living and active within me! That
is so so so so so exciting!!!!! Now on to the third statement, I am a bearer
not a producer of fruit. So here I am trying so hard to be good and seek
Christ….. And I am not sure the balance of my pursuit and God’s. But here is
the deal, I have been seeking to be close to God my whole walk with him but
what if I have been missing how very close he is at this very moment! I have
practically ignored the Holy Spirit in my walk. I have been striving to be near
a God that seems so far away when in actuality he is so very close! Closer than
anything else in my life because he is moving within my soul. Living in me!!!!!
So if God, the author of life is living in me then I must surrender trying to
reach reach reach until I grasp God and let the Holy Spirit who is God work
through me. It is almost like I have been restricting God by ignoring the Holy
Spirit this whole time. Because the Holy Spirit IS God! God on an extremely
personal level!!!! So here is the vine living within me. It is not up to me to
produce the fruit of the spirit. Instead I am called to bear it. I am called to
be in tune with the Holy Spirit in order to let him bear the fruit through me!
I have been going at it in the wrong direction! I have been trying to produce
the fruit and well, not doing a great job at it. All the while the Holy Spirit has
been within me waiting for me to give him complete control over everything I
do. Ahhhh I don’t like the term control…. It is more like letting go of my
efforts to be a good Christian and instead first seek to lean on the Holy Spirit
within me to accomplish anything! To abide in Christ is to allow the Holy
Spirit to produce His fruit through me. 
It is not me + God to accomplish what God has called me to do. Instead
it is God + my willingness to abide and allow him to work that = a spirit led
life…. I don’t know if that makes sense…. It makes sense in my head haha…. I
can change because Christ lives in me…. OK so this is the thing that I am most
excited about!!!! For so long I have been defeated time and time again with
sin…. But you see the Holy Spirit is living in me. He is God! He is all
powerful and all knowing! He wants me to have victory over sin and this life!
He wants to help me produce fruit and give me power to defeat sin!!!!! This is
so cool because I never really understood fully relying on God to conquer sin!
But I think that God is opening my eyes to see what that truly means!!! You
see, God is living in me. He is the source of life. He is the source of power.
I must surrender and let go knowing he is plenty powerful enough to get me
through anything. But it is me being aware of that and actually believing it
that will give me victory! Christ desires to live his life through me…. Hmmmm.
Well I would say that Christ passionately desires to live through me. He
passionately wants me to experience victory through relying on him. He wants me
to experience life to it’s fullest and use me in all the ways he has set out.
He wants all that even more than I do! So it is me seeking to let go and trust
in the Holy Spirit to do ALL of that through me!!! It is not up to me at all!
It is up to Him living in me! He has all the power I could ever need to
accomplish what he has set out for me! I do not need to worry how I will do the
things he has called me to do. I must instead trust in him for ALL that I need.
It is not me! I am just the branch he is the vine that produces the fruit!!!!
All I have to do is love Him above all else and seek his will and trust!!!
Nothing comes against me that the new life in me cannot handle!!!! Well this is
also really cool!!!! Because the Holy Spirit is living in me and through Him I
pull all power nothing this world throws at me will be too much for God to
handle!!!! No temptation! No circumstance! No person! Not death! NOTHING! Its
almost like I am a super hero with God living through me haha….The life of
Christ can produce the character of Christ through me…. So the Holy Spirit is
God who is also very much Christ is living in me!!!!! Therefore the Holy Spirit
will produce the characteristics of Christ through me! It is God! God living
through me=Christ being shown through me and me bearing the fruit Jesus
produces!!!!! Christ is my life!!!! I am really excited about all that God is
showing me! It is almost like I am getting to know God all over again because I
have neglected to get to know the Holy Spirit this whole time! Who is God!


August 03 2006
great message last night man... besides that though, anything else you said probably shouldnt have been said haha.