Begining Thoughts on the Holy Spirit

June 19 2006

The holy spirit is God and the Holy Sirit lives in me……


The Holy Spirit is God. I have been taught my whole life
that the Holy Spirit was a part of the trinity. Therefore the Holy Spirit is
God being three in one….. Yet so many times have I dismissed that thought
because I didn’t understand…. I didn’t understand what the holy spirit really
did and how I could relate with it. Well Charles Stanley is trying to break me
of the habit of calling the Holy Spirit an it. Haha but I just did…. It seems
so natural. It seems so natural to not attach much a of a humanistic value to
the holy spirit seeing as it’s described as a spirit or a ghost. But the Bible
clearly calls it a He. So The authors of the Bible clearly thought that the
holy spirit was characterized as human or God in this case….. So here is what
this idea comes down to in my head…. If the holy spirit is God and just as much
a part of the trinity at the son and the father then I have been denying myself
and God something by storing the holy spirit away in some area and letting Jesus
and God the father take my attention…. It would almost be as silly as if I
ignored God the father and just focused on Jesus in my relationship with God.
But this brings up another question…. How in the world is a human mind supposed
to comprehend, much less have a relationship with the trinity in the entire?
But the way Charles makes it seem is that we are called as a believer in Christ
to have a relationship with the Holy Spirit because he is as much a part of the
trinity and plays just as much of a role in our walk than the father and the
son….. So here I am trying to comprehend that the Holy Spirit IS God. He is a
he. He is God in the world we live today. Here is something I think is cool.
Jesus talks about how it would be worse for him to stay here because we would
not receive the gift of the holy spirit…. So obviously Jesus knows it is better
for us to have the holy spirit living in us rather than him still being here in
person! That’s cool to think about! But do we believe that? So many times I
think how easy it would be to believe if I lived when Jesus did….. But why did
Jesus think so highly of the Holy Spirit which is living within me as I
type?!!!  So in a way, maybe I have it
better than the disciples did in the first century before they received the
Holy Spirit… I dunno. There is just something cool about thinking that the holy
spirit, being just as much God as Jesus and God the Father are, is living in me
and guiding me and teaching me! I would think that God moving within my soul
and heart teaching would have much more of an influence than Jesus would
telling me what to do from the outside…. I’m not sure… All of this said I have
come to a few conclusions. What I do know is that I have pushed trying to
comprehend the presence of the Holy Spirit out of my head for too long. God is
God whether he is the father, son, or spirit. God is the spirit and he is
living in me! That is awesome! There is power in understanding that! I do not
want to deny God his identity. Which is what I have been doing. I want to know
and love God. ALL of God. Including the most personal side of God to my soul
right now, that being the spirit which is living and moving in me! COOL!

John Dunahoo

June 19 2006
thank you thank you thank you... awesome to see the insight and truth proclaimed in word... i often feel a complete emptiness in the church because it often separates the Holy Spirit from Jesus Christ and God the's like the Holy Spirit can NOT be left out...its vital to our faith... its like believing 2/3 of the christian faith... without the Holy Spirit faith is NOT complete, all powerful, and is impossible. thanks much Jonathan. your bro John