April 26 2006

so most of you kno by now

if not your dumb lol




so im pretty much excited


April 26 2006
aww. u too are CUTE. =]

Chris Slate,

April 27 2006
yeah... im basically excited too... ha to think... its only been 38 hours and 51 minutes... and its been the best ever... =) <3<3<3 u more


April 29 2006
aww im so happy for you guys. Think about it though, this was all almost inevidable...lol* So cool to see you today!thanks for tha support girl! you seem like a really cool chic!

Marybeth Jensen

April 30 2006
It was great hanging out with you too. We need to get together again sometime. You should come to church with Chris this evening/Wednesday/next Sunday. lol. It'd be great to see you. Luv ya