December 07 2005

Hey everyone lifes been amazing

i have the best bestfriend ever .... we have been through sooo much && im sooo glad that we can look past that. hes pretty much great <3

Chris got me tickets to Acustic Christmas last Saturday ... let me tell u how it was sooo much fun. it was great seeing him ive missed him tons.

Last night was my christmas concert .... it went good.

Thursday is Chris's concert so im going to that. it should be fun.

Well i g2g ttyl <3333

Jessica <333

kayla hale

December 11 2005
it was good seeing you! i hope you had a wonderful time there..chris told me all about it =] lol...well i gots to go...talk to you later! love ya byeee <br> <3-kayla

Nathan Moore

December 12 2005
Yeah, I was in Murfreesboro this past week. I was at Walmart buying printing supplies... hmmm... so expensive.

Chris Slate,

December 13 2005
pretty sure that i got suspended from school today... and my mom cut my phone off for 3 months...

jessica gaines

December 30 2005
hey guess hwta i love you!