Wooooooo yeah idk

October 23 2005

Wow ok life as been sooo amazingly amazing

Friday :: Went to the game ... got in a really bad mood .... so i left early

Saturday :: Woke up && went to this BBQ thing with my mom && dad it was a lot of fun .... then when i got home .... Chris called  and asked me if i wanted to go to a cook out @ his dads house so i was like heck yes i do ! ! ! OMG let me tell u how i had the time of my life .... he is juss ugh amazing like words can never explain how much he means to me. (( shake that laffy taffy haha )) Hes my bestfriend .... in the entire world

Today ::  (( sunday )) :: layed around all day .... went to the grocery with my mom lol

Tomorrow back to school  


Chris Slate,

October 30 2005
who are u kiddin... that is a hiteous pic... haha