February 02 2006
well the past couple of weeks have just been well .. different. I cant say that it has been normal, but what is normal? i have been thinking about faith? what is faith? how do i think faith runs in my life. i have come to many comclusions on what i would say faith would be. i have not only learned about myself through my faith but others. i know that i wasnt just put on earth to live a life of just normalty, but i was sent to live a life through him, jesus. it's amazing what a little faith will do to you...


February 02 2006
glad i can hear about your feelings on phusebox now too! isnt it fun! I have loved seeing you grow alice... you are a blessing to me!


February 03 2006
what up alice... good to see we're now friends on phusebox as well.. our friendship is really budding lately... haha


February 04 2006
good to see your beautiful face on here! i hope you have a good weekend and keep pressing on. see ya tues.