Relationship Status


WOW! i finally am updating..go me..not really

July 03 2005
It has been really long since I have updated..sry..well i have jus been around readin and stuff..i am like really bored..and i dont really think i am gonna be gettin on the computer much anymore..i dunno its jus too sad..cuz aj really expresses his feelings on here and i am tempted to look at his site and it almost makes me cry everytime..but i am praying for him that he will get thru this and i know he will...and he thinks i dont care..but i do so hurts me badly for him to be hurting so much..i jus dont feel the same about him anymore..and i wanna help him get thru it..but i dont know how..hmm its jus so hard..but i will shut up cuz i know u dont relaly care about this anyway..o well


June 16 2005
well i got up today at like 7:15 and went runnin..and then i went to the dentist..yuckk..and then i went to my church to help decorate for VBS which is commin up next ok well leave remarks please..


June 15 2005
hah..i only have one friend..o well lol..


June 15 2005
well I jus got this because..i dunno well its a lil confusing..but yet also really easy i will figure it out soon!