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July 06 2005
ok..i first i did put a new pic up..but i decided i didnt like i have my oold pic back up..haha


July 06 2005
hey hey whats up well i just wanted to say hey and i should finish rocket boys tomorrow on the way to nashvill shores i didnt gert to go yesterday cuz it rained but ya u should read u need to finish that book so get to work well i guess ill ttyl bye JR!!! ps o and glad u r still getting on the computer


July 06 2005
when i said that lol i was jp and i knoe that u finished rocket boys lol sry i made u mad lol gosh. o and u just left the first remark u have ever left on my phuse box ever and u were yelling at me lol. o well im sry if i made u mad (i hope im not sayin sry for no reason u might not even have be mad lol) but im going to go and again sry!!! ttyl bye

Nathan Bailey

July 08 2005
Hey Whats Up?


July 08 2005
your added to my friends! your wish is granted!


July 09 2005
Ya it is Jacob Richardson. I was kinda mad at you because of when you laughed and acted like a jerk because I liked you in 5th grade. So I didn't talk to you at orientation since I thought you still thought of me as "a joke". I'm not as immature now and if you aren't either than I guess we might be friends at riverdale. - jacob


July 11 2005