July 13 2005
Haha my car broke down yesterday. So, we got Carlton to do the connecter cables and what not, and it was starting to work, so I thought I could drive away right? WRONG.

After I started driving (stephy in the car with me) I turned the lights on and the car just DIED. It died, but was still moving. Thank God the traffic light was green and I was able to turn into the Kristals. Very scary experience.

My grandpa fixed it today. Apparently a cable was not connected to the battery. I hope it works enough to take me to the section leader meeting.

Sarah Vermillion

July 13 2005
AHHH! Scary. Glad you're okay.

Stephanie Levine

July 13 2005
That was fun!


July 13 2005
Ah, my screaming metal death trap did that here recently.


July 13 2005
Cars suck sometimes.....