July 03 2005

I'm having...dare I say it....fun.

I love being up north.

Why has every movie that has come out been a remake of a tv show or previous movie or book? Sorry Hollywood, you officially suck even more than you previously did. Congratulations.

If I had known I would be in Philly the same weekend as Live8 was happening, you better bet I would have bought a ticket.


The thing that bugs me about LIVE8 was how absolutely no money was raised. After all those consession stands, seat tickets, and all they couldn't bother to raise any money for aids and poverty, what the event was all about. The celebrities that performed in the concerts got expensive giftbags, yet no money was raised? The world gets sadder everyday...

Sorry kids with AIDS, sorry people who live in poverty, I'm sorry that people can't live without their giftbags, I'm sorry nobody bothered to raise money for you. What a waste of event...awareness is good and all, but can you imagine the amount of money that could have been raised? Can you imagine?

Sarah Vermillion

July 03 2005
Ahhh! You were in Philly and didn't have a ticket? Suckage. :( I miss going up north during the summer.

Michael Border-Line Pronounceable

July 03 2005
You know, I didn't even know there was such a thing as Live8...

Courtney Caldwell

July 04 2005
hahahahahahahahahahahaaha, courtney i never signed off i just switched users and i read your stupid "free as a bird phusebox crap, it was a waist of time your awesome black cousin from the ghetto j to the hizzou