We can all end hatred (for 1 second)

July 03 2005
Well here's another one of my "thoughtful" entries...

Nearly everyone I have met has encountered an annoying brother or sister or an annoying someone. And chances are you hate this person like the poop marks in your pants. And if you hate this person with the passions I illustrated above than you most likely pick on this person. You also complain about what a pain the person is. Well I must say I too have my share of complaints. But I actually see no point in this complaining about a person. You know that if the person were to die you would feel like crap. And you know that however annoying/homicidal/suicidal/stoned the person is you have some inexplicable attraction or fondness to this someone due to some happy memory. So I don't understand why people complain so much about others. Well actually I do, but I'm trying to sound enlightened so I have to kinda lie. I'm only human.

Well if you think of someone you hate so much without a fond memory of go ahead tell me. Don't worry it's not like I'll hate you (i'd probably just call you an idiot).

The Beginning of Worldwide Enlightenment (I personally have my doubts)

June 30 2005
I find myself often daydreaming unconsciously thinking about odd things with detatchment to my surroundings. It's hard for me to concentrate on my tasks, though I do derive pleasure from thinking about odd things. ...a movie...a scene from my life...girls...cheese...poo...girls...But every so often I fine an interesting thought, a unique thought. I know. I know. The Enlightenment. Really cheesy name. But I like it. It has a rather majestic ring to it. And I'm surprised no one has taken it.

You may want to know what I think of religion and things like that. Do I believe in God? Heaven? Hell? Satan? Bible? Stuff like that. Well, as an open-minded person and seeing as how there are so many opposing views on religion, it's really hard to decide any of this for myself. And I find that we shouldn't rely on a prayers or a God, but what we should do is the Right choices. We do not know if in the end we will truly be rewarded for our good deeds. We should just do what's right to better our lives and the lives of others while we can. I see nothing wrong in believing or not believing in God. As long as you do what you feel is right for yourself and everyone else, then I feel that if there is a Heaven you would certainly go there.

I know many of you will disagree with every single thing I say because many of you are Christians and therefore want religious conformity. But heckthat's what a comment box is there for. Please tell me what you think about all this.