~Weekend/Party Time~

April 13 2006
Whats Up Phusers? Me, Nothing Much Just Sitting In Class Eating Lunch... Anyways, Its Pretty Fun In This Room... Im Glad The Principal Gave Me 2 Days In Here, Instead Of OSS Because If She Wouldve Did That Then My Mom Wouldve Popped A Blood Vessel As Soon As She Wouldve Found Out Hahahaha... Anyways We Got Another 4 Day Weekend Off... Thank God... I Get More Time To Stay Out And Rest.... I Wanna Spend Most Of That Time With My Baby Because I Wanna Show Her Some Signs Of Love Making LOL Im Telling Yall Too Much... But Anyways, Ima Try To Do As Much As Possible This Weekend... Today, There Is A Party @ The Armory From 8-12... Cost Is $5 Dollars Before 10 PM... And Friday There Is Another Party At The Ramada Inn On Church St... From 8-1... Cost Is $5 Dollars... Man , Its A Party Weekend Aint It? Also On Friday Ima Go To Nashville And See If I Can Get Me A Grill... And Saturday Ima Try To Go To The Movies, And Sunday Ima Try To Chill With My Baby Until I Leave To Go Back Home... Man, I Already Got My Plans Laid Out Huh? Its Gonna Be Crunk This Weekend... I Hope I Wont Be Stuck In The House Not Doing Nothing... But If Im In The Spot, ITS GOING DOWN!!!