~Track Meet Cont...~

April 12 2006
~Whats Up Phusebox? We Had Our Track Meet Yesterday @ Blackman Against Blackman, Mt. Juliet, Lebanon, And  Some Other Team Yesterday (Tuesday)... I Did Really Well, I Mean I Ran Extra Hard And My Coach Was Like You Are Doing Extra Better Than You Usually Was... I Mean I Started Off Kinda Slow But Then I Picked Up My Game And Got Serious With It And Now Im Coming On Top... The Crowd Went Wild As They Saw Ive Became Serious Wit My Game... After I Ran The 400 And 4 X 4 Relay, My Ankle Was Hurting, And It Still Does... Plus I Still Got On These Weights On My Ankles To Make Me Run Faster So Its Gonna Hurt Alot More Hahaha.. It Ain't Like Im Tryna Hurt Myself Or Nothing Im Just Tryna Make Myself Faster... Well, Our Next Meet Will Be In Nashville @ Vanderbilt... I'll Let You Know When That Will Be So Stay On The Lookout...~