Here I go again

March 27 2006

So i cant believe that i let Randy talk me into getting this. I now have a Xanga, Myspace, Face Book , Tagged , and now a Phusebox. Haha. So i cant seem to get a hold on this weather we are having up here. I mean it just snowed like 2 days ago really hard atleast 1 1/2 ft. if not more and now its sunny and warm. I heard that it is supposed to snow more later on. Praise the Lord is all i can say about that.

I just finnished Spring Break and let me just say that it was needed badly. Now i am pumped to finnish Highschool once and for all! i have 39 days left! woop woop. over spring break i got a puppy and wow she is great! she is a West Highland Terrier and her name is Shelby. haha she is so much fun! she just has her own personality and i love it! Yesterday she noticed our neighbor's puppy and they started playing together and wow she can hold her own when a bigger puppy kinda beats her up. wow dogs are so neat!

ok i think thats good for a first "entry"

Be Blessed,