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June 10, 2006

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I Love the Lord oh so much! i am crazy about kids and therefor i work with them all the time. I work at the cafe at my "church" and sing and play the trumpet and oboe.


Weazer, Relient K, Steven Curtis Chapman, Five Iron Frenzy, Rascal Flatts, The Dixie Chicks, Gavin Degraw, Watermark, Casting Crowns, and oh so many more :)


Gladiator, VeggieTales, Flight Plan, My Life, and well i am a girly girl and so i love chick flicks, anything that i can cry in, but i also love bloody battle movies, im not a big scary movie person but put a suspensful movie in and im hooked.


The Bible, Velvet Elvis, A Sacred Romance, I Kissed Dating Goodbye, and anything that has to do with WWII

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Here I go again

So i cant believe that i let Randy talk me into getting this. I now have a Xanga, Myspace, Face Book , Tagged , and now a Phusebox. Haha. So i cant seem to get a hold on this weather we are having up here. I mean it just snowed like 2 days ago really hard atleast 1 1/2 ft. if not more and now its sunny and warm. I heard that it is supposed to snow more later on. Praise the Lord is all i can say about that.

I just finnished Spring Break and let me just say that it was needed badly. Now i am pumped to finnish Highschool once and for all! i have 39 days left! woop woop. over spring break i got a puppy and wow she is great! she is a West Highland Terrier and her name is Shelby. haha she is so much fun! she just has her own personality and i love it! Yesterday she noticed our neighbor's puppy and they started playing together and wow she can hold her own when a bigger puppy kinda beats her up. wow dogs are so neat!

ok i think thats good for a first "entry"

Be Blessed,


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