It's Thursday.

March 31 2006
Spring break's almost over and I'm sooo bummed. Why couldn't it have been longer??

This month is impossible for me to go out anywhere. All of my Saturdays and Sundays are booked because I have dance performances on those days. I just got home from a dance performance tonight like...3 hours ago. So I can't hang out with anyone. I apologize in advance.

There are also many variables that have come into conflict with me and Lili's running days. (1) The rainy weather, (2) My dance practices, (3) My orthopaedic appointment.

I can finally go back into tennis again. I am definitely gonna be rusty and REALLY out of shape. I am gonna hurt so bad on the first day again.

With all this being said, I shall retire. It's getting late as it is 11PM.

Sky Sailor

April 01 2006
oh boy! it's okay.. and yeah.. i've been on myspace or tried to go out.. haha.. and yeah.. i wish it was longer too.. it's WAY too fast..