March 23 2006
What's with me blogging on Wednesdays? lol.

I'm losing my head over complex matters. Why does high school have to be so hard--both social wise and academics wise? Aye, ferchristsake! It's like saying to God, "Thanks for a reason for suicide." At first, I thought I was over the whole thing with my ex-love, but apparently I'm not. What am I gonna do? I know I shouldn't worry, but I just came to a realization with all these hints he's been dropping everywhere. He still likes me. At least..I think so..or maybe it's his way of saying--I got over you. Thanks for the memories. Nah, I don't think he's like that...or is he??

Am I way too into my head? Cause I think I'm losing my sanity as the current events are replayed in my mind. I think I'm in love. But I'm not certain. I think I fall in love way too easily and it's hurting me. I can't explain anything else except for...

- Me and my friend are like the two Nanas. We're like 2 peas in a pod.

- I'd fit the personality description as Nana Komatsu, as I fall in love way too easily.

- My friend would fit the description of Nana Oosaki because she has a boyfriend with spiky hair and he plays guitar in a band. Only thing is that she needs to be singer and that her boyfriend's name isn't Ren. lol.

- Me and my friend are so close and it almost makes us sound like lesbians, but our orientations are straight. Thank you very much.

I can only describe things when I compare them to something else. And with that we shall bring this subject to a close as there are no further discussions.

Sky Sailor

March 29 2006
i agree. school is a pain in the rear end.. haha.. i watched that trailer thing.. it looked super good!