March 21 2006
I hate little kids to some extent. I hate how some are sooo freakin nosy. Since my dad is a school librarian at an elementary school, they ask him such personal questions, like "How old do your daughters have to be to date??" And I just hate it. You know??? It just makes you sooo angry that you'd wanna choke the little bastards. ><

I saw the trailer for "Nana: The Movie"!! I'm thrilled! I wanna watch it more than ever now. It's a movie with REAL people in the cast and they look soo much alike as the characters in the manga! It's soo cool! The music kicks ass too. So yeah. I'm trying to find ways to download it and watch and stuff. I just really wanna watch it!!! Hopefully there's subtitles. Cause I haven't learned that much Japanese yet.

I gained 5 pounds. I'm so bummed....Because of my stupid injured foot and I can't run or anything!!! >< But I really have to make up my running test for PE class.