Barrio Fiesta!! :D

May 02 2006
It's coming up!! Woo hooo!! :D

Recap on my Spring Break.

April 01 2006
I haven't been doing many productive things all spring break. It's kinda a shame. :( All I've been doing was watching anime, doing dance performances, lounging around the house, and using the computer. I have to go to work today. We're catering a party in Pukalani. And after I get off from work, I gotta go to a party. *sigh* I wish I could go shopping or hang out with friends. Something like that..

It's Thursday.

March 31 2006
Spring break's almost over and I'm sooo bummed. Why couldn't it have been longer??

This month is impossible for me to go out anywhere. All of my Saturdays and Sundays are booked because I have dance performances on those days. I just got home from a dance performance tonight like...3 hours ago. So I can't hang out with anyone. I apologize in advance.

There are also many variables that have come into conflict with me and Lili's running days. (1) The rainy weather, (2) My dance practices, (3) My orthopaedic appointment.

I can finally go back into tennis again. I am definitely gonna be rusty and REALLY out of shape. I am gonna hurt so bad on the first day again.

With all this being said, I shall retire. It's getting late as it is 11PM.


March 23 2006
What's with me blogging on Wednesdays? lol.

I'm losing my head over complex matters. Why does high school have to be so hard--both social wise and academics wise? Aye, ferchristsake! It's like saying to God, "Thanks for a reason for suicide." At first, I thought I was over the whole thing with my ex-love, but apparently I'm not. What am I gonna do? I know I shouldn't worry, but I just came to a realization with all these hints he's been dropping everywhere. He still likes me. At least..I think so..or maybe it's his way of saying--I got over you. Thanks for the memories. Nah, I don't think he's like that...or is he??

Am I way too into my head? Cause I think I'm losing my sanity as the current events are replayed in my mind. I think I'm in love. But I'm not certain. I think I fall in love way too easily and it's hurting me. I can't explain anything else except for...

- Me and my friend are like the two Nanas. We're like 2 peas in a pod.

- I'd fit the personality description as Nana Komatsu, as I fall in love way too easily.

- My friend would fit the description of Nana Oosaki because she has a boyfriend with spiky hair and he plays guitar in a band. Only thing is that she needs to be singer and that her boyfriend's name isn't Ren. lol.

- Me and my friend are so close and it almost makes us sound like lesbians, but our orientations are straight. Thank you very much.

I can only describe things when I compare them to something else. And with that we shall bring this subject to a close as there are no further discussions.


March 21 2006
I hate little kids to some extent. I hate how some are sooo freakin nosy. Since my dad is a school librarian at an elementary school, they ask him such personal questions, like "How old do your daughters have to be to date??" And I just hate it. You know??? It just makes you sooo angry that you'd wanna choke the little bastards. ><

I saw the trailer for "Nana: The Movie"!! I'm thrilled! I wanna watch it more than ever now. It's a movie with REAL people in the cast and they look soo much alike as the characters in the manga! It's soo cool! The music kicks ass too. So yeah. I'm trying to find ways to download it and watch and stuff. I just really wanna watch it!!! Hopefully there's subtitles. Cause I haven't learned that much Japanese yet.

I gained 5 pounds. I'm so bummed....Because of my stupid injured foot and I can't run or anything!!! >< But I really have to make up my running test for PE class.

Rakuen ~ Paradise

March 20 2006
Bring me to paradiiisseeeeee....

I wish I could live life like how it is in the mangas. *sigh* Everything is awesome in mangas. I wish it was really that easy to find someone to love. And how there's always someone out there to catch you on the rebound. But all I've been was that average girl next door that would just go with the flow. I've been living such a boring life. I want some spazz in my life. I want to find something that would make me feel more alive. I've been watching anime as an escape from reality and envying those anime characters because they've got it going for them. And I've been sketching and drawing away...about how much I want something. All of my feelings are poured out through drawings from a girl choking another girl, from a girl about to jump off of a building. Although you'd know I'd never do those things. Since there aren't many buildings to jump off from. lol. I just want an interesting life. I've been rejected countless times. And I'm having second thoughts about going to freshman banquet. I don't know which group of friends to go with. So I guess to solve my dilemma I'll just stay home. And miss out on the fun and the inside jokes that go with it. And by the time I actually catch on, it's old news already. I've been anti-social lately. It's not the whole "emo" thing. I just...dunno. But yeah. I'm just...not as happy as I was in 8th grade.