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The Death of My XBox

February 19 2006


Something I remember very little of.

I am going to start babysitting for Tiffany starting tomorrow.  I know she can't pay much but at least it will be a little bit of something. Maybe it will be enough to pay a small portion of my bills.

My gas tank is COMPLETLEY empty! I was almost positive I was going to run out on my way home the other day. Janett gave me a ride to church today (Thank God!) so I am grateful for that. I hope I am able to come across some money sometime soon so I can go to class this week.

Church was SO good tonight. Almost all of the guys there were out of this world gorgeous! Oh and the singing wasn't too bad either. Ha-Ha ok so the singing was amazing. We used to go to an all black church back in the day. We were the only white family in the whole place. I have missed those kinds of songs and the energy that comes along with it.

I am so aggravated right now. I'm sure everyone will think it's a stupid reason but whatever. Lydia and I got all the kids to contribute there allowance and with all of our money we went and bought the newest DDR game for Xbox last night. We actually wanted it for PS2 but no one had it in stock! I spent the night with Net last night and was gone all day today so I haven't gotten to play it yet. I came home tonight after church and set it all up and was about to play when the cord connecting to the TV came off. I went to go attach it and realized that the needle in it came out! So I can't play it now until I get a new cord (which I don't have the money for!). I am really sad now because I love that game and was looking forward to coming home and playing it. Cry for me people! You know its terrible!

Well I am not feeling very well so I suppose I will get off of here and go read a book or something.



February 19 2006
hey it was great tonight and the music to i was glad to see you !


February 25 2006
aww..im sorry erica! lol* ill buy you a new one if that makes you feel better.