Relationship Status



February 11 2006

I seem to be getting a bit side tracked from school already! Instead of studying or writing my essays I have been going out and staying out until early morning. I have had a lot of fun thats for sure, but I feel badly for not getting my school work completed first. Oh well, I guess I will do all of my work tonight or after morning service tomarrow.

I met this guy the other night when I went out with a friend. I didn't know how old he was until we had talked pretty much all night. He didn't know how old I was either and when he found out he was kinda shocked (we wont go into why). Turns out he is 34. That doesn't bother me much. He is a pretty cool guy. We were going to hang out after I took my friend back home but the place we wanted to go checks for IDs and I had left mine at home so we couldn't go.  He has a myspace so we exchanged screen names and I got his #. We have talked at messaged each other quite a lot already and we just met Wed. I ended up hanging out with him and a couple of his friends last night until pretty late. He actaully got me to play pool! I never play because I figured I would suck... but I'm not too bad. We won every game but the last one I think. So that was pretty cool.            Hee Hee! He just called and wants to know if I want to go out with him again tonight. I told him that if I get most of my home work finished before tonight I will go. Lookie there! I am already trying to put school above fun! Yay for me.

Well if I am going to get my stuff done I guess I should go.

~Carpe Diem~