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April 01 2006
Life...it happens

The Death of My XBox

February 19 2006


Something I remember very little of.

I am going to start babysitting for Tiffany starting tomorrow.  I know she can't pay much but at least it will be a little bit of something. Maybe it will be enough to pay a small portion of my bills.

My gas tank is COMPLETLEY empty! I was almost positive I was going to run out on my way home the other day. Janett gave me a ride to church today (Thank God!) so I am grateful for that. I hope I am able to come across some money sometime soon so I can go to class this week.

Church was SO good tonight. Almost all of the guys there were out of this world gorgeous! Oh and the singing wasn't too bad either. Ha-Ha ok so the singing was amazing. We used to go to an all black church back in the day. We were the only white family in the whole place. I have missed those kinds of songs and the energy that comes along with it.

I am so aggravated right now. I'm sure everyone will think it's a stupid reason but whatever. Lydia and I got all the kids to contribute there allowance and with all of our money we went and bought the newest DDR game for Xbox last night. We actually wanted it for PS2 but no one had it in stock! I spent the night with Net last night and was gone all day today so I haven't gotten to play it yet. I came home tonight after church and set it all up and was about to play when the cord connecting to the TV came off. I went to go attach it and realized that the needle in it came out! So I can't play it now until I get a new cord (which I don't have the money for!). I am really sad now because I love that game and was looking forward to coming home and playing it. Cry for me people! You know its terrible!

Well I am not feeling very well so I suppose I will get off of here and go read a book or something.


Exploding Brain

February 15 2006

Interesting past couple of days. Mike and I have been talking a lot. He seems like a really great guy.  I had to watch all the kids and Billy last night. Twas much fun. I helped Joshua with his social studies project and it is looking pretty darn tootin good! I didn't get to go to church last night so my parents could go out. It kind of makes me sad because I love going to church, but I know my parents really needed the time together.

I had a massive head ache this morning. I woke up at 4 something feeling like i was going to die! I didn't even get in bed until about 3 o clock so I didn't sleep long at all. After a while I got the courage to try to move I felt terrible after doing so but luckily I didn't have to move much. I found some pain killers laying on one of the tables beside my bed and a water bottle sitting oh so conveniently beside them. I don't even remember putting them there yesterday... or ever for that matter. I took them and still didn't feel too great when it was time for me to get up for school. I decided to skip my first class and try to go to my second one. I ended up missing both but I got a call from a friend in my first class saying that our teacher wasn't there so class was canceled. So even though I skipped both classes I only missed my math class (which is no big deal at all because its only algebra).

I think I am going to join choir at church... I think. I really want to but I am kind of freaked out about it. I am going to go tonight and sit in on their practice, maybe that will help make up my mind.

Well I have SO much homework to do. So I better hop to it.



February 11 2006

I seem to be getting a bit side tracked from school already! Instead of studying or writing my essays I have been going out and staying out until early morning. I have had a lot of fun thats for sure, but I feel badly for not getting my school work completed first. Oh well, I guess I will do all of my work tonight or after morning service tomarrow.

I met this guy the other night when I went out with a friend. I didn't know how old he was until we had talked pretty much all night. He didn't know how old I was either and when he found out he was kinda shocked (we wont go into why). Turns out he is 34. That doesn't bother me much. He is a pretty cool guy. We were going to hang out after I took my friend back home but the place we wanted to go checks for IDs and I had left mine at home so we couldn't go.  He has a myspace so we exchanged screen names and I got his #. We have talked at messaged each other quite a lot already and we just met Wed. I ended up hanging out with him and a couple of his friends last night until pretty late. He actaully got me to play pool! I never play because I figured I would suck... but I'm not too bad. We won every game but the last one I think. So that was pretty cool.            Hee Hee! He just called and wants to know if I want to go out with him again tonight. I told him that if I get most of my home work finished before tonight I will go. Lookie there! I am already trying to put school above fun! Yay for me.

Well if I am going to get my stuff done I guess I should go.

~Carpe Diem~


February 07 2006

Life is a bit crazy at the moment. Everything that I used to be so sure of I now find my self questioning, and all of the things I used to question I seem to have figured out. There are certain things in my life that I thought would never change but I have been proven wrong many times in the past couple of months. I am working on being a better person (ha-ha doesn't everyone always say that?). I have be trying really hard lately. I am actually trying to distance myself from the people who I know have a negative influence on me. I have known that I needed to do this for some time now but I was too stubborn to actually do it. Its been a hard task. In Sunday school two or three weeks ago, Pastor Dan was talking about just this very thing. It kind of gave me confirmation that I am really do what I am supposed to. I have plenty of friends that I am very close with but they are no Christians and the influence they have on my life is not that great. Its hard to distance myself from some of them because we have such a close bond and we are always there for each other. I am not going to cut them out of my life completely but there are going to be some changes. Some people might read this and think I am crazy because I am usually the one deemed a bad influence on others. I have changed a lot and I hope everyone starts to realize.

I have been feeling quite positive lately. It's a nice change. I am still a little upset at the fact that everything has changed between me and the people from church. The people I used to talk to don't really talk to me anymore and if we do talk its the casual "Hi, how are you?"  I miss knowing how they really are and what is going on in their lives. Then there are the people who I was never really friends with but  I always wanted to be close to. I think they find me immature and heathen like so I don't put the effort forth to get to know them. I don't like rejection, but then again I suppose no one does.

Well on to a subject that is a bit less depressing for me. I am finally in school! Its about time i know. I am going to Draughon's Jr. College for Business Management. One I am finished there I want to go to MTSU for Marketing and Advertising. Its great to be back in school. I decided to work on all of the scotomas I have regarding school... its going good so far. So far a have gotten A's on all of my assignments so that's good. I actually just got back one of my papers I wrote for English entitled "incessant Worries". It was about all of the health problems i had a couple of years back where I was passing out and stuff. I made a 100! I was so shocked. I thought my teacher had made a mistake but he didn't.  I am a good student when I want to be so I guess I shouldn't be so surprised. He said it was excellent, there were no corrections to be made and he wouldn't have changed anything. So I am happy about that of course.

Well I suppose I should work on some of my homework because i have class in the morning.