Good movies in your opinion ????

January 04 2007
So I got some money for Christmas and was wanting to see some good movies that are already out on video and dvd. Im not a big movie buff so I dont know many good movies. Can anyone suggest any good movies ???? I really just wanna see some good movies. Thanks for your help. :)


January 05 2007
I thought Fantastic Four and X-Men 3: The Last Stand were great movies.


January 06 2007
I went to MTCS when I was in 7th grade. You may have been in 8th. I sort of remember you. I try to block that period of my life, actually. But you were always nice, as I remember.


January 07 2007
I graduated form LaVergne High last year. I go to Lee University now, majoring in Intercultural Studies. What about you? Did you stay there for high school?


January 08 2007
I think you answered your own question.

Bethany Bratcher

January 09 2007
The Prestige (sp?) is great