The World

July 01 2005
Well it's been about two or three weeks that we've had our puppy beagle, Boomerang. He's a real biter. But is so oober cute. And dang! He's smarter than I ever thought possible for a pup. I love his smelly fur Puppy breath. Spotted penis. Heh...Nice fur too..Well I've been the puppy's main trainer and he understands...beg (stands up with paws in air)......sit....(as in sit on the ground)....and stand up (as in on all four legs). Well tomorrow he's going to get some vaccines and.... in a few months he's going to get neutered. I can't imagine myself being neutered. I bet Boomerang loves his testes just as much as we do. Just that his biting is so....urgh! But who cares he's cute and that's all that matters

Big Willy and Boomerang