Soph-o-more "Spring" Semester '07!

January 19 2007

Spanish 3010: Advanced Spanish ((the major))- Heaven help me. The professor is from Colombia and has a striking resemblance to George Lopez; I'm not even kidding. I can definitely tell that 3010 is going to kick my butt a little more than 2020, but I should be okay.

FOED 1110: Edu. as a Profession ((Secondary Edu. minor))- I've heard rave reviews about this professor, and I could immediately tell by the way she presented herself today ((she wasn't able to come Wednesday)) that she was serious about her work and would keep us well informed while not boring us to death with assignments.

SPED 3010: Survey of Exceptional Child ((Secondary Edu. minor))- This is going to be an interesting class. The professor is a cheery man who appears to really care about what we learn in his class. He kind of reminds me of Santa Claus.

Fundamentals of Communication ((Gen. Ed.))- This guy is Korean. "South Korean, just so you know". Once again, he seems very kind as well. I'm in this class with Lyn and three girls I graduated with, so that's nice.

Access codes are freaking expensive. My Spanish book was $156 because it came with one, and I had to get the ever so popular ((that would be called sarcasm)) TK20 that is required for anyone who will be getting a teaching liscense that was $120. Ack.