hrm. . .

December 09 2006

I need to start budgeting my money now that I'm paying both my monthly car insurance and cell phone bill.

One day I'll be able to live without the financial aid of my parents.

It is my goal to be out of the house by the time I am student teaching.

Christmas is coming up and for the first time in several years I'm actually asking for something specific ((and sort of big)). Mom has this way of making me think that I'm not going to get it ((she's always done this)), but I always do. . . but everytime I want something big, I never think I'll get it because she's good at making me think I won't.

Now that you've wasted 45 seconds of your life reading this. . .

I registered for a swimming class next semester. No, I won't freeze because we'll be using an inside pool. And to answer your next question, it's called a swimming cap.

Don't laugh.

I'm getting a haircut. Not a trim. A cut. Okay, it's a cut for me. And I'm terrified. Not really. Anxious is the better word I suppose.


December 09 2006
How short are you planning on going?


December 11 2006
You'll have to tell me how the bangs feel after a couple of weeks... I've considered long bangs before but I'm afraid I'd get annoyed with them.