It's Over

December 02 2005's such a relief to have my recital over! It went really well. There were still mistakes, little stuff here and there. We got a standing ovation and 2 curtain calls. A lot of people showed up and our reception rocked! But anyways, I'm going to sleep now. It seems like forever since I've been able to do that!


December 01 2005
Here I am, up early to get ready for the day again. Thankfully, since I'm student teaching next semester I didn't have to go to any of the Wind Ensemble rehearsals this week! That's the only reason I'm still home at this hour. I still have to go pay rent this morning. arg. Anyways, off to do what I do....


November 30 2005
So, I'm actually excited that I have a journal where no one knows me. So. It's end of semester, There's offically less than 48 hours until my final Senior Recital...yay...I'm graduating...well as long as I get through my recital. Arg. Yup, this is short, but i'm just bored...