September 20 2005
People don't leave me comments on phuse box! AHHHHH!!! lol. j/k guys, but do leave me some, im starting to get fed up with phusebox and im thinking deleting this, or just never checkin it. Have a great rest of the week guys!


courtney kelley

September 20 2005
I sorta like it.. I don't get that many comments cause not alot of my friends have it. It gets boring tho.

Hanna F.

September 22 2005
dont delete it. its so much better than xanga AND its getting updated too =D yay!

lisa marie

September 24 2005
haha same here. lol


September 28 2005
yeh I like it , but it is getting annoying I dont get many comments anymore, but I like it !!!