July 25 2005
hm, i don't know, i just don't know. i uh yeah.....

my family is disfunctional....

July 18 2005
^^^yeah, pretty much sums it up^^^ and the pic over there is of my cousins, siblings and muah--can you find me in the mass of Asian children???


July 16 2005
hm, what to say.....i'm good. i'm bad, all the same, yeah, so Randi is back and so i'm happy. i got the Harry Potter book which makes me happy so um yeah, very happy, went through a lot of trouble to get it too. well gotta go, love to all!!


July 11 2005
so yeah, as some people might know, i am seeing a boner....Brett, of course, i was trying to play it cool like whatever, but you know, i couldn't anymore so mhm, yeah....he gave me my first kiss the other night and yeah, no complaints. ah, as some of you read in his entry, he met my mom, and it was a very interesting night. so yeah, after the kiss, he called me that night, and when he said he couldn't stop smiling, that's so true....he was like smiling during the whole phone conversation, well, i can't say i wasn't giddy myself so, anyway, i'm gonna go.....


July 07 2005
Florida is good so far....sorta. They've been nagging at me since i'm on the phone like constantly. I miss home. I think we leave tomorrow morning so yeah....


July 05 2005


June 30 2005
i'm happy.....BRETT IS AWESOME!!!---going to miss him while i'm gone :(

what the crap am i doing??

June 29 2005
well, i woke up this morning at 6:30. for some reason my sleeping pattern is outta whack. i think part of it has to do with my staying up late and talking on the computer. plus, my eating pattern is outta whack. i've lost like 4 lbs. since i found out about my mom...yeah, it's killing me. well, other than that, i'm good, maybe...later!


June 28 2005
yes, i'm happy. i'm excited about the movie and excited about who i'm going to be seeing it with.;) well, i gotta run.--amanda


June 26 2005
ha ha ha ha, i had some fun. Made new friends. Heard linda sing a dr. pepper song. I got to make a wish in the "wishing well." Brett called me Aisha. It was great. Well, I'm debating whether or not I'm gonna do this more than my xanga site.
I'm very happy. Senior year is like the BEST!


June 14 2005
hey, just thought i'd start one of these things. Don't think i'll be talking about much though. so watever...