my fun has come to an end

October 09 2005
Can you believe fall break is over?? I mean, where did the time go?? Well, I know where a lot of my time word: Brett. But hey, I don't mind. I had fun, I think I like saw him everyday this week, all times for at least an hour....I think, maybe, I don't recall. Then of course I went and celebrated with my sis and her friends for her birthday, which was fun. I especially had fun bowling. HA HA HA, distracting and making Brett lose was fun! Pretty sure I won both games....YAY!!! Anyway, I'm gonna run. Love to all!! MUAH!!

Abby Dee

October 09 2005
te-he bowling's fun. (even though i'm really bad at it) :sigh: school tomorrow... sucks.

Brett Tenpenny

October 10 2005
your a meanie... making me lose casue you were... rubbing my ear..