my life is dull

July 27 2005
man, it is dull. i don't do anything all day bc i don't have a vehicle, which means i can't go get a job=no money :( so this is why my dad is getting me a car this week, i think....hopefully. other than that it's pretty dull. all i do is eat and sleep, eat and sleep. the same cycle over and over....i need a life. i need to read my summer reading, that's what i need to do, yeah, i'm suppose to read 150 pgs tomorrow, but i don't want to...for goodness sakes it's Frankenstein, big whoop...anyway, yeah, the only thing exciting right now is probably my boyfriend and the spontaneous visits from friends. I have fun just talking to him for about an hour about random things, and he makes me laugh. Then of course i love my friends so so so much....well, this is getting to all!--Manda

Rachel Sullivan

July 28 2005
I know exactly what you mean..thats my life too..well other than im reading Frankenstein now and that make it even more boring..oh well can't wait for school!!!! love you bunches!!!!

Stephanie Levine

July 28 2005
tell your dad to buy me a car. =)

Rachael Robertson

July 28 2005
i can't drive either

Erin Caudillo

July 28 2005
thanks for the add..or the subscribe. or.. i dont know. you seem real cool. how are you?

Brett Tenpenny

July 30 2005
i feel for you babe... i would so freakin drive you around if i could....... mucho kisses!

Brett Tenpenny

July 31 2005
lol... im all good.