October 23 2005

Oh great, I'm a freaking Toadstool!!--Thanks for the Love!!---and being shoved in the  bushes 4 freaking times!!!!

Anyways, what a week....Variety show was awesome!! Brady, Jackie, Linda, and Brett all did wonderful! I don't know if I had an appetite for peanut butter much after that though. Mine and Brett's 3 month was this past week.....YAY!!!!! I <3 my baby!!!! So yeah, and I'm pretty sure Christina is on freaking cloud 9, but don't expect to ask me to help bring her down. I like her in her happy mood. And yay, band season is almost over with...which means more time with people I love. But yeah, I've gotten so many lectures it's not even funny. Stupid freaking Asian customs....yeah, pretty sure I heard my dad say if i were to be put in jail he'd tell the cops to go ahead and let me rot in there because he wouldn't want me out. Shows some love huh?? I think it'd be easy for him to disown me...heck, he might have already. But yeah...I'm gonna go now....Love to all!! Muah!!! ;)

my favorite place has to be falling asleep in your arms...

Brett Tenpenny

October 27 2005
I do <3 my toadstool!

Brett Tenpenny

November 09 2005