Bye Bye Phusebox

April 01 2006
So yeah, pretty sure I'm gonna quit the whole phusebox thing because it doesn't seem like anybody cares about lil ole me....I think I'm just gonna stick to my xanga...later gators!!! Yet, I might check in every once in awhile to see how some of my peeps are doing. Love ya!! Muah!!


February 14 2006
wow, it's been yet another long time since i've been on this thing....I think I might be quitting the whole phusebox thing......still, debating.....

been a WHILE!!

January 08 2006

wow, can we say been forever since i've been on??

anyway, ohs vs. shs game.....tear.....

my love life.....awesome.....he makes me EXTREMELY happy

job...had one making subs...miss it very much...i quit it

all in all, good times good times


November 02 2005
I need a hug...


October 23 2005

Oh great, I'm a freaking Toadstool!!--Thanks for the Love!!---and being shoved in the  bushes 4 freaking times!!!!

Anyways, what a week....Variety show was awesome!! Brady, Jackie, Linda, and Brett all did wonderful! I don't know if I had an appetite for peanut butter much after that though. Mine and Brett's 3 month was this past week.....YAY!!!!! I <3 my baby!!!! So yeah, and I'm pretty sure Christina is on freaking cloud 9, but don't expect to ask me to help bring her down. I like her in her happy mood. And yay, band season is almost over with...which means more time with people I love. But yeah, I've gotten so many lectures it's not even funny. Stupid freaking Asian customs....yeah, pretty sure I heard my dad say if i were to be put in jail he'd tell the cops to go ahead and let me rot in there because he wouldn't want me out. Shows some love huh?? I think it'd be easy for him to disown me...heck, he might have already. But yeah...I'm gonna go now....Love to all!! Muah!!! ;)

my favorite place has to be falling asleep in your arms...

Loverly days...

October 16 2005

Don't you just love those loverly days, when you feel like all is right in the world?? ::sigh:: Well, I had a loverly day... I went to church with Brett today, and I'm pretty sure he was really tired. He he he, his mommy scolded him for drawing instead of listening to the sermon. Plus, I got to know Rachel a little better, which was really cool. Brett's lucky to have her as a big sis. We talked about him a lot, and how "mature" he's gotten since he and I have been dating, which is a good thing I guess. Anywho, yeah, it was a good day.......Loverly, Loverly, loverly.....

my favorite place is being wrapped up in your arms ....muah!!

my fun has come to an end

October 09 2005
Can you believe fall break is over?? I mean, where did the time go?? Well, I know where a lot of my time word: Brett. But hey, I don't mind. I had fun, I think I like saw him everyday this week, all times for at least an hour....I think, maybe, I don't recall. Then of course I went and celebrated with my sis and her friends for her birthday, which was fun. I especially had fun bowling. HA HA HA, distracting and making Brett lose was fun! Pretty sure I won both games....YAY!!! Anyway, I'm gonna run. Love to all!! MUAH!!


October 06 2005
You Are Japanese Food
Strange yet delicious.
Contrary to popular belief, you're not always eaten raw.What Kind of Food Are You?


September 28 2005
yeah, pretty sure i feel alone and inadequate sometimes.....i don't know....maybe i'm just weird.....i need to quit thinking so much, and why do i.....nvmind.....

okay, okay.....

September 22 2005
okay, so I've been always, what else is new....anyway, yeah, I've been thinking, and I can't help it. I compare myself with every single girl I come across and think "Should I worry?" "She looks better than I do...." and I'm so freaking insecure. Ugh, I hate it. why'd I have to be raised with these Asian ways? They make you think it's horrible to be a girl, you should obey what a man says, and make you think you're ugly and self-conscious. I HATE THIS FEELING!!!! but yeah, needed to vent.....::sigh::

thinking sucks....

September 17 2005
I hate thinking, but I can't help it.....


September 14 2005
pretty sure i need to get this whole senioritis thing out of my system because i'm so freaking lazy....i've been so freaking lazy....::sigh::but that's my fault. ergh....anyway, yeah, no brett time at is taking over his life....along with my sister's and all the band peoples, but seeing that no one is ever on this thing, i don't think anyone cares, cept brett, but that's okay....i'll update whenever i feel the need to....but for right now, i think i'm gonna feel the love from my xanga buddies....peace.

Car wash!!

September 11 2005
He he he, my thook-a-tha washed my car with me I spent time with my Thena and Brett so it's all good!! I just yeah...need to do some thinking....

Listen to your Heart...

September 06 2005 that song....well, yeah, I should do that huh? so much thinking in this head of mind.....if there were only some way of channeling it somewhere else.....::sigh::


August 28 2005
life sucks...and i'm not happy, ugh, no one understands...leave me alone so i can cry in the dark

one month and I think it's all good....right?

August 22 2005
yes, I had fun Saturday and I love my white rose. Brett fell asleep in my arms like a baby and it's the greatest feeling in the world....being in his arms....::sigh::....but his dad had a heart attack and I'm praying for them. His mom seemed worried I hope it's all okay.....goodness, I hope so....

just hold me....

August 17 2005
ugh, i think too head hurts and i can't sleep sometimes....why do i do this?


August 07 2005
i had some brett time yesterday...very know....we talked about some things and i hope he understands how much i care...and anyway, camp is taking over and i'm gonna be alone :( well, that also means less distractions and more time for me to read....ugh, summer reading must DIE!!! well, i'm off like a prom dress!! love you all!!


July 31 2005
so i had a girls' night out last night....yeah it was fun....but i was forbidden to mention brett at all. poor thing had to eat an expired bologna sandwich and didn't get to see me....other than that my night was cool....almost rolled someone's car but we didn't and we had fun at the car wash....yes....FUN FUN FUN!!!!

my life is dull

July 27 2005
man, it is dull. i don't do anything all day bc i don't have a vehicle, which means i can't go get a job=no money :( so this is why my dad is getting me a car this week, i think....hopefully. other than that it's pretty dull. all i do is eat and sleep, eat and sleep. the same cycle over and over....i need a life. i need to read my summer reading, that's what i need to do, yeah, i'm suppose to read 150 pgs tomorrow, but i don't want to...for goodness sakes it's Frankenstein, big whoop...anyway, yeah, the only thing exciting right now is probably my boyfriend and the spontaneous visits from friends. I have fun just talking to him for about an hour about random things, and he makes me laugh. Then of course i love my friends so so so much....well, this is getting to all!--Manda