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June 01, 2006

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well where does the Chris start. I like wombats, I enjoy long walks over burning volcanoes, I dig graves for living, farts don't bother me, so sit on my face, I collect dead bodies n my basement, I like to scar myself because aliens are my neighbors, that is all.


Who in this world listens to music anymore, people here it, people dump it and move on to the next trend cycle.


Too many movies to say.


Only the good ones.

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Some people think I am a bit crazy, well, yes. Once you begin to realize that you are here on this planet to fuck eachother. You willl be happy before death..
May 20, 2006

Yes to reproduce is one of the instincts we have, but there are also pack instincts to survive and help one another. There are benefits to relationships with other people. I suppose orgies might be benefical in that way if you all support one another, however I would worry about the risk for diseases. Anyhow, just a thought. I am not interested in orgies, though so quit asking. I don't think they would benefit my husband or me at this point in our lives. Plus we don't live in California.

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