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June 09, 2007

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writing, singing, playing my flute, reading, playing my geetar, finding random things on the internet :)


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so i don't know if i've ever felt this left out in my life.
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is it written in the stars, are we paying for some crime, is that all that we are good for, just a stretch of mortal time...

so i thought it was time to update again.

nothing is astonishingly new, but just the normal high school dramas of breakups, finals, crushes, and band festivals. we went to two festivals this past week, and we did ok for the most part i guess.  i don't think i'll ever get tired of Fantasies. it's such an amazing piece to play.

we had the mexico mission trip meal sunday night and i'm REALLY looking forward to that now. it's the only thing i'm doing this summer. i'm looking forward to summer, but i'm gonna be bored out of my mind. i desperately need a job, does anyone know a place that's hiring??

man its SO hard liking someone who doesn't live in the same city as you. but could that be a good thing? ha i don't know.

only 3 short weeks till summer!!

 i LOVE these guys.

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we all lead such elaborate lives....

these past few days have definetly been interesting. we got back from washington, and were loaded with crazy amounts of homework and tests that (at least I) hadn't studied for. so it wasn't a great start to the new week. at least there's only 2 days and 5 weeks left of school!!

DC was fun, not as cool as san antonio, but thats ok.

yesterday afternoon i got something cut out of my foot. my warning to you is to not wear heels all day in a grassy/gravelly area. or wait for four months to do something about it. :\

isn't it pretty?

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baby i'm the lucky one

ahh i made it a cartoon, isn't it cool?

i love old Amy Grant. it makes me feel like i'm five again.

recently i've been thrust into having these thoughts about my sister being able to get married. her two best friends were recently married and it's weird to think that they're old enough to go live on their own. with a boy. supporting themselves. it feels like just yesterday that me and my sister were fighting about why i took the original clothes off the rollerskate barbie. or being bored out of my mind when she started driving and not being able to listen to the radio for a good month while in the car with her. being so relieved that she was leaving for college, but after the first week she was gone missing her tremendously.

 i guess it comes with the territory.

 i need some new pictures.

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we're breaking free

yeah i need an happier entry. thanks everyone for the remarks...

winterfest was awesome. i met Rachael Lampa...

today was one of those rare days in february where you actually have fun. i'm singing those sophomore slump blues.

i had my registration appointment today. anytime i think about next year, it just makes me stress out. i mean i think it'll be a lot of fun but a lot of work. i guess junior years aren't easy, but still. mrs.cain was like "it's not good that you're already stressed out about next year."

there's so much i want to do. student council, band, choir, youth leadership rutherford, section leader, dbs, youth, girl scouts, the list goes on forever. that's all on top of three AP and two honors classes.

pray for me please!

i guess the biggest news is that my mom got a new car

it's definetly a beauty. but that also means that i got a car for myself, so its this huge deal that i can actually drive myself home from now on. no more begging for rides ever again!!

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