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August 08, 2005

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well im excited cuz im supposedly gettin my permit 2morrow even though i was supposed 2 get it along time ago but all this dumb shit started happenin. but i hope i get it 2morrow! anyways.... so im still lookin 4 a job even though i really wanted the ritters job they dont want me so im sad. my lifes been pretty borin lately xcept ive been goin on total shoppin sprees! ive been hangin out with jacob and this kid matt theyre wierd but theyre cool. well nothin else is on my mind xcept I MISS HOME

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Ritters still hasent called and im so sad! imma try 2 work at chick-fill-a but i donno it kinda smells like a zoo in there. lol.well i hope 2days not of my friends 4m chicago wrote this... isnt it cute!

~i want a guy ...who can wrestle with me and let me win. ...who i can talk to about anything ...who laughs at my jokes. ...who puts my cold hands in his warm hoodie pockets. ...who lets me use his sweatshirt for a pillow. ...who says i love you & means it. ...who will kiss me in the rain, in the sunshine, and in the snow. ...whos calls unexpectedly. ...who will have many inside jokes with me and remember each one. ...a guy who notices haircuts. ...who realizes that i say things but dont always mean them. ...who i can go swimming with on hot days. ...who can tell me his problems and let me help. ...who will listen to me talk ...who will let me beat him up when i get angry. ...who writes love letters to me, but doesnt send them. ...who draws pictures and slips them gently into my locker slot. ...who saves his genuine, big smiles for me. ...with deeps eyes, that can see through faces into depths. ...who wears baseball hats and lets me wear his too. ...who gives me his t-shirt to change into and not expect to get it back. ...who knows my favorite color, song, car, vegetable, perfume and the color of my toothbrush. ...who will shake my dads hand and look my mom in the eye. ...who will call me by my full name-- first, middle and last. ...who willl know when something is wrong when im trying my best to put on an act ...who will kiss me and tell me im beautiful. ...who will let me cry to him. ...who will hold me& kiss my cheek. ...who suprises me and compliments and plays with my hair. ...who will brag about me to all of his friends ...not afraid to give me a great big hug right infront of his mom ...who smells like he just stepped out of the shower. ...who wears cologne that i can subtly smell when im leaning on his shoulder. ...who tells me i have a nice laugh and a smile that lights up the room and simply be mine to hold. I might have found that guy? :)
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well today was sad... my best friend in the whole entire world had 2 leave me and go home. Shes so lucky she gets 2 go back home and i dont. i miss her already! Ritters hasnt called yet... sux. But there is good news i found a kitten, and im keeping it i think imma name it Rocky.


We\'ve been through so much, more than ne 1 can see? friends forever we will be...since we were little we\'d be scrappen r we be scrappen r hearts playa pleaz...i know we\'ve had so many rough times...but we can\'t forget about the funny times...stealen the truck getten drunk with boys...when we get our carz we\'ll be pumpin some noise...when we grow up we can\'t forget each other...i love you like a sister or maybe a brother...but i hope we don\'t grow apart from each other...cuz your the best friend unlike no other
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i NeEd A jOb!

Yesterday i turned in my application for Ritters. I hope they call me, I want a job sosososososososo bad! O yeah and we went 2 the movies... but it we didnt have fun like we did in the old neighborhood. but i guess were goin back 2day cuz theres nothin else 2 do..

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today was kinda boring. we went shoppin and i got new clothes.we meet some kids,they were kinda weird tho.but tommorow should be fun cuz were goin 2 the movies!

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