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Rocky Williams

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January 23, 2006

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Aftershock Inc., football, music, love, women, writing my novels and screenplays, drinking games, white and black people united, singing John Mayer songs while strumming my Fender and seeing people's jaws drop because I actually love that dude's music, the Highlands in Louisville, talking on the cell phone and wasting my month's minutes in one conversation, dreaming


John Mayer, Jay-Z, Dave Matthews Band, Kanye West, Third Eye Blind, Usher, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Young Jeezy, Foo Fighters, T.I., Goo Goo Dolls, 50 Cent (and the rest of G-Unit), Saves the Day, Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Brian McKnight, The Rocket Summer, Sade, Rocking Horse Winner, Lil' Wayne......well that's plenty for now, but if you can't tell already, I love all kinds of music.


Back to the Future (all of them), Star Wars (all of them), The Godfather I & II, Napoleon Dynamite, Garden State, Lost in Translation, Big Fish, Commando, Killer Nerd, Beware: Children at Play, Closer, The Good Girl, The Matrix, The Color Purple...I love movies too. Can't name them all.


Milk in My Coffee, Joe College, The Left Behind Series, American Psycho, Little Children, Election, my calculus textbook (a joke)

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Turkey weekend coming up...and I\'m starving.
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Dave Matthews Band

What happened to Dave Matthews Band?  I was listening to their Listener Supported album after leaving Emily\'s, and \"#36\" came on.  That used to be one of my favorite jams, especially around the winter time (it always reminds me of winter).  But I used to listen to them a lot back in the day, even talk about them in class with Beck and with other black people who didn\'t believe I knew so much about the quintet.  I purchased their newest album, which I happen to like, but it\'s not the same jam band they were.  What changed them to make them change their sound?  I can only wonder.....................
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I\'m not much of a blogger, but I might as well use it since it\'s free, yo.  Well, if there\'s anything for me to talk about, it\'s that my fall passion--flag football--is in full effect and my team is 3-0.  Granted, we\'ve started off winning like this every year, but this has been our best start (best team) ever.  So for all of you who don\'t (and for those who do) go to school with me, this is our logo:
and hopefully, this logo will represent MSU in the National Tourney in Florida this Christmas Break.  Let\'s go, Aftershock!!!
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Hi everybody.  I\'m Rocky, nice to meet you.
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