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November 19, 2006

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lacing up my dancing shoes...


getting ready to go see the features.

technically i've got 55 minutes about until heather and dan pick me up. but still.

i'm pumped. hopefully gonna be a way rad time.

besides the fact they're probably gonna play three songs i know and then call it done just b/c they're opening...atleast i can get the ep. score.

hopefully i can meet some of the guys after the set. taking the camera so we'll see what that brings...*fights off tiredness*

phusebox member count that i saw today: 2

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go in friday to victoria's secret.

dunno if i'm working or just doing paperwork or what. but that's cool

atleast i have a job, i think...?

she [the manager] knew who i was when i called so that's good.

i guess all is well in the world of jenny.

time for a lovely three hour nite class.

have a lovely day.


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::I've been waiting for a sign...::

my teacher reopened the two assignments on pipeline i missed by 10 minutes.

so i just sent them in.

such a good mood.

and here's a fun picture....[i hopefully will get my disposable cameras developed when i head home this weekend for ze looooong weekend...]

good times,man.



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i like stuff.

i dunno.

listening to andy's radio show with michael gum. or michael's show with andy. *shrug*

and i'm probably gonna sit up another and listen to it.

so yeah.

have a lovely day, folks.

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street fair tonite = actually fun

glad got to hang out with ya, dani and brent!

it's time for sleep. still debating on sunday school tomorrow.



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