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August 28, 2006

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anything new, creative, pretty, fat babies, good food, good music, good fellowship, time to myself, good stories, good story tellers, telling stories, my family, my friends, cute boys,
favorite past time of mine...taking naps in the middle of the day and not feeling guilty.


patty griffin, patsy cline, billie holiday, the beatles, mat kearney, beck, coldplay, outcast, yeah yeah yeahs, stars, copeland, stevie ray, jimmi hendrix, damien rice, david gray, ryan adams, dean martin, frank sinatra, eartha kitt, elliot smith, elvis, g. love & special sause, miles davis, ray charles, ray lamontange, thompson, cake, blondie, citizen cope, moby, franz ferdinand, death cab for cutie, etta james, ella, fiona apple, the rolling stones, and on and on and on...


most fav...philidelphia story, ameile, fight club, eternal sunshine of the spotless mind, tombstone, his girl friday, 400 blows, it's a wonderful life, the little princess, titanic, ...yes i know..., crash, the royal tenembaums, snatch, lock stock and two smoking barrels, cinderella, garden state, sin city, good will hunting, funny face


A Tree Grows in mom gave it to me when i moved to brooklyn, awe...such a great book tho!

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dani and i...sweet cousin of mine.

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