February 20 2007

so ya my life has been a wreck so far for this week!!!!!.......... lordie have mercy!!!!! oh gosh it has been carzy and it has JUST STARTED!!!!! i havent been feelin to well today but that might be cause of my mom bein sick and stuff....... oh ya and my dog ran away AGAIN last night it took us like an hour to find her. so i went off to try and find her and you know what?? right when i did they found her so i was off wanderin around lookin for her and there they were lookin for me!!!! so my mom got in the car and found me on the first street lookin for that gay dog!!! oh ya and i was sittin in my bed ballin cause i thought that still hadnt found her and it was my fault that she ran away so then they finally decided to tell me at 11:00 last night  so ya that is how my week has been like so far............. i wonder if it will get better??????????!!!!!!!!

lov ya!♥♥♥♥-


meredith taylor

February 22 2007
aw girl.....i hope your week gets better! i know how stressful that is trying to find your dog at night time. it stinks! i'm glad you found her! have an amazing day! Tomorrow is FRIDAY!! yay!!

allie todd

February 26 2007
aww....im here for ya babe!!