wow..time flys..

July 16 2005
Seems like just yesterday..
I was sitting at Central's gym waiting for them to call my name to see who my homeroom teacher was..
And now I am going to be a Senior at Riverdale High School..
We've all grown up..
Were all moving on..
No matter what, I love you all tons.
Senior Year Begins: August 11th, 2005..
Well, Ive been working at Ritters for 1 year and 2 months.
Everyone, keep in touch, call if you EVER need someone to talk to or to hang out


July 17 2005
aww, I can't believe you're a Senior already either! wow, it seems just like you were a little freshman sitting in WC class. well, enjoy your Senior year because it's the best yet.

the brian king kenobi

July 17 2005
i can remember when they would do that at central. man . . . you're making me feel old.


July 17 2005
wooo hoooo


July 19 2005
Senior year rocks... make the most out of it!