Lifes fabulous

May 20 2006
So things are great.
I like these great boy.
I graduate tomorrow.

Life's perfect,
I love it.

to a boy..

March 12 2006
You are a wonderful guy. I knew I could talk to you about anything and everything. When we hung out, we had fun together. I ruined it, and I know that. I wish I could go back in time and tell you YES! I see this working out! Maybe in time..? I have written about you before on here, and *sigh* I dont know if things will be the same.. or if theyll change at all..

at least you may know now.. and if you dont, maybe you will in time


February 12 2006
I love life.
I love you.

Senior Year

January 26 2006
Soo.. Coming up..
Last Homecoming.
Last Warrior Hysteria ::sad::
Last pep rally.
Last Prom *Midnight in Paris*


January 10 2006
life is going fantastic<3
i love all of you.

thanks for the messages && comments!'s been so wonderful talking with you again<33 you rock!


January 08 2006
dear heart,
i met a boy today,
prepare to shatter</3

there's this boy && he took my heart..<3
andd he will keep it forever.


January 07 2006


January 05 2006
hey babes!
soo.. i've done alot of thinking lately. mainly about a certain someone.

have you ever wanted to be with someone so bad, but it seems so hard?
...that's how it is for me..
blaahhh.. i wish he saw..

i missed you!

December 30 2005

hey loves.

i've missed you all dearly. life's going great :)..hehe.. im at leslie's right noww so if anyone wants to chat, call the cell.. sorry if you dont knoww it.

Fantastic Day

December 04 2005
I turned *18* today!
I'm technically legal now!
Now I am responsible for my own actions.. crazyyy

:) hehe

November 15 2005
YoungLife last night was amazing!


October 27 2005
School..going alot better!
Friends..eEp i adore them

SharpTop Cove with YoungLife

October 16 2005
So.. YoungLife went to SharpTop!
It was an amazingly awesome weekend.
Daniel and I are doing sO much better

uGh.. im a screw up.

October 07 2005
got in a wreck today


September 12 2005
Singers is going great.
Bowlings going great.
Boys..bLaH.. havent found a great one :/
School is okay. Getting math help now.. yippie..not.

i love YOU


September 05 2005
boys suck.


August 30 2005
life is going great.
I love my friends.
I like a boy.
I love God.
I love church..
hehe.. I love YOU!


August 22 2005
School is great.

I made Singers. yay.

I love you all

first day..

August 11 2005
Last night I stayed the night with Courtney & we didnt sleep then I went to school and Courtney's in TWO of my classes! *yay* I am excited. Then after wards a whole bunch of us went to Camino Real and ate.. Then went to Brians and swam.. went to Wee Mans and chilled there. I went to work.. im not really tired for only taking an hour nap. hehehe.

Happy Birthday Courtney & Brett! I love you both so much!

Yawl can IM me sometime on AIM at elisabeth9487..loveyou


August 04 2005
All week I have basically been hanging out with Courtney, and I have had a total blast. This morning we woke up early around 9 and went to Riverdale t check our Senior schedules!!! :) heh. We got some awesome classes :D
Life is going great. I love life. I couldnt ask for a better one. I thank God everyday for everything and all
my friends! ((i love you all)).
Gotta clean&wakeup early for Working ALLL day but I get to see Brian



oOo la la

July 28 2005
Warped Tour! I gotta goo!! I

July 19 2005
today i worked all day at the wonderful place i work at called ritters.
Tomorrow I am seeing Charlie & the Chocolate Factory with mom & brother
Tomorrow I work 6-9:30 ((gayyy))
Thursday I leave for Austin Peay State University for my All-State Choir Workshop
Come home Sunday sometime then back to work.. before I know it....
I'll be starting back at Riverdale High School for my 4th and final year. Senior year. man oh man.. time sure does fly, eh?
Seems like just yesterday sitting at CMS waiting for my name to be called and meeting all the friends I still have now.. gahlee

*Edit* 7/20, 4:32 pm
Went and saw Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.. i liked it!
Tomorrow I leave for Clarksville to learn All-State Choir Music.. but I will be home Sunday
Well.. Mint Choc Chip is today so i am off to go get some.. yUm!

wow..time flys..

July 16 2005
Seems like just yesterday..
I was sitting at Central's gym waiting for them to call my name to see who my homeroom teacher was..
And now I am going to be a Senior at Riverdale High School..
We've all grown up..
Were all moving on..
No matter what, I love you all tons.
Senior Year Begins: August 11th, 2005..
Well, Ive been working at Ritters for 1 year and 2 months.
Everyone, keep in touch, call if you EVER need someone to talk to or to hang out

1st entry

July 16 2005
Phusebox seems cool.
Its kind of like Xanga.
I got an avenged sevenfold shirt at Hot Topic

i love you.