November 30 2005

it would most certainly be helpful. I just re-read the assignment that everyone has been freaking out over in criminal law. The paper does not have to be 15 pages, it just may not exceed 15 pages, which means.... taddaa .... there is really no real page requirement for the paper, which is good. I think the emphasis is more on quality instead of quantity. (I know certain professors at MTSU that should adhere to this policy as well.)

So now that I can breathe again.... back to work I go. I'll catch a nap today in investigations (as we have a guest lecturer) and the its back the library.

I Need Out!

November 30 2005
So seriously, what's up with professors lately? I think mine are trying to kill me. In the past 3 weeks, i've had eight ( YES 8) papers and 3 presentations due. I have a 15 page paper due in criminal law due tomorrow, and a paper/program due in Quanitative Methods due by next week, and to top it off - a final in Hate Crimes on Monday morning.

This weekend looks fun -  work work work, and when I have time, work on these assignments so I can get the heck out of here in a couple of weeks.

Because, ya know, Heaven forbid I actually get to enjoy the last few weeks of my undergrad time at MTSU. :(