January 17 2008

This argument will help any of you debate a POWERFUL argument against any agnostic or atheist. 

So I've been having this extensive debate with an agnostic, and I thought you guys might like this argument.  Not gonna lie, it's pretty awesome :-).
But I do want to say it wasn't my original idea, I read it on a website, but at first it didn't make sense.  After a while it did, and I will say I got a firm grasp on it, and was able to even add some extentions of my own to it.
So here it is :-)

The universe is without purpose or reason, because it either always was without reason, or spontaneously generated without any intelligent design behind it. It continues in its existence without purpose, but entirely based upon random occurence: thus evolution, a belief system that argues for abiogenetic origin, a random compilation of materials that just so happened to form the first cell, and then evolution itself, a random set of genetic mutations that slowly produced the apex of this accidental sequence of reactions SO FAR, humanity.
Thus, the very fabric of our universe, is random chance.
Even more importantly, the composition of your brain, my brain, and every human person's brain, is a product of this random, disorderly universe, from random chance evolution.
So every person's thinking apparatus is the product of random, reasonless material.
Thus, how can you presuppose that your reasonless brain can bring you to reasonable conclusions? How can we assume that we can even come to rational conclusions, when this universe itself, and the compostion of the thing through which you are trying to come to rational conclusions, your brain, is completely irrational itself?
It makes no sense to think that your brain, which in a materialist view is just that, nothing more than material, can somehow magically surmount the disorderly, strictly material universe in which it lives, and start making rational, immaterial conjecture.
If you do believe that, you're trying to say that your materialistic brain is immaterial in nature (higher thinking) because you're saying that the brain can somehow analyze and deduce things that our outside of the very matrix in which it exists, which is complete DISORDER and IRRATIONALE.
Your brain is material, and random, purposeless material at that, existing in a purposeless universe. It lacks the very capacity to even perceive logic and order, because the universe from which it randomly evolved is completely devoid of such concepts, and thus is the brain as well, in that it has originated from said universe devoid of reason and rationale.

A main rebuttal to this would be "well people perceive their existence, and through perception of their environment, create logical order from such perception."
No, this still doesn't follow because what is perceiving, the brain, can't perceive logic and order because, for one, there is none in the universe to perceive, and secondly, it is the strict material object created from said disorderly universe, thus completely lacking the ability to perceive order by the very nature of its composition.
In short, this rebuttal is simply a misunderstanding of the argument, because it adds no new information to the premise.

And your example about the behavior of evolved humans is of no consequence, in fact, in reinforces just what I said.
In order for humankind to perceive logic and order, to logically deliberate science and our surroundings, or, as you said, to make proper decisions about the best survival of the species, we have to first have the capacity to think orderly, logically. And if our brains our simply randomly evolved material from a disorderly universe, we shouldn't even be able to pick an "ideal mate," or anything of that sort. And even if we thought we did, there'd be no way to tell, because the thing we're using to make the "good mate" decision, is itself incapable of rational choice. In fact, the statement "rational choice" would itself become an oxy-moron.

Quite simply, to think that your brain can think rationally and orderly would have to point to an ordered, purpose driven, universe, and of course the only way to have this would be if Someone intelligently designed it, and more specifically, designed the brain, allowing it to think on terms with the rational, orderly universe that shares in its Ordered, Rational Origin.

A simple quote

November 13 2007

Hope everyone's doing well.  I don't know who if anyone still reads this thing, but life at Lee is pretty great.  I'm enjoying it, looking forward to Christmas break, and generally just what all it is that God is doing in my life, both now and in the near future.


So here's the "simple quote" from which the title came.


I'll take the struggle to make myself pray or consider Chrsitian ethics in tough times throughout the day over suffering tough times without God any day.

Childhood thoughts :-)

November 10 2007

Haha, so I discovered an old notebook in which I have two journal entries, one from 8 and one from 9 years of age.  The 8 year old one is funniest, because it's... one of the most random incoherent succession of simple, unrelated statments in a row.

 Here are a few, mispelled words and all :-)


My mom reads sexy stores one is deceptive desires.


Meatesh is relly in to it hes saying come on man lets go lets do it but he like almost got a mustash it looks like.


*Mom doesn't measure a lot and doesn't do how long her bed is very. 


(measure was actually mosher, so I'm figuring that was the right translation ;-) ) 


Yep, there ya go, the sage wisdom of Adam's youth.. haha, or lack thereof 

It's been a while, hope you enjoy!

September 09 2007

Well, I haven't posted in forever, so i'm not sure who even looks at this...

But well, I hope you take the time to read this, I mean, o well if you don't, but here's my post.  So if you do read it, I hope it helps you somehow, maybe



Stop Fighting Him



I have often tried to tell you who I am,

But I have since done away with such things,

For trivial they are, in my opinion,

A wasted effort on a stubborn demeanor,

And I'm not one for coercion.

And besides, I'm not going to “win you over” with some magical display of my power,

Wouldn't you have seen that in yourself by now?

I see no need in proving more than the beautiful world you live in,

And the beauty I've instilled in you.

But you don't mind such petty things

“I'm just like anyone else,” you say “and this world could have spontaneously evolved anyway.”

And it seems fortified enough at the time:

Your nice, tightly knit pseudo-apathy.

And I'm not one to be pushy,

Which I suppose would be apparent since I haven't “struck you down” as you might have anticipated in the wake of your countless presumptuous tirades of

“God should be this!” and “God should be that!”,

And so, I won't slam my “so called greatness” as you would call it, down your throat.

But doesn't it seem strange that in spite of your greatest efforts,

And even though I have stood aside and allowed you the liberty of denial,

That we still end up in this place?

Haven't you decided by now?

Why accuse me?

Why argue, I'm not really here, am I?

I'm just a human originated ideology,

A false hope created for the sake of human comfort, and sense of purpose...


Haven't we decided this a million times?

Then who are you talking to?

And why keep coming back?

“Hmm” you might say, maybe even a brief setback, a quick double take...

But I'm not one to be too pushy,

I've long since done away with such things,

I don't need to prove myself to you,

You've already done enough of that by arguing with me,

In your somewhat... humorous attempt at eliminating me from your consciousness...

While all the while reinforcing my presence in doing so..

But anyway, not to dwell on the whole “I'm right since I'm God” thing...

Moving on, I would hope that it's pretty apparent I haven't been pushy,

I've allowed you what you wanted,

I've stepped aside from your life and its choices,

But you should know that by now you've found your way back.

And no, I'm not going to “strike you down” for horrendous blasphemies,

I'm not going to hold such things against you.


I am here,

And always have been,

And if you're willing, we can wipe all of this away, and start fresh again,

Just you and me, no strings attached, on a new clean slate, from here on out.

No more arguments, no more bitterness,

All I ask, is that you finally let your countless defense mechanisms down,

Please.. just stop trying to figure in your mind why I'm not here, because you should know that the only reason you're having to do that is because I'm bugging you about my existence in the first place!

So please, just put your guard down,

Take that shield off of your heart,

Undo those frail ties holding together all those broken pieces of your life,

And just surrender,

And let me in.



My Summer

June 07 2007

So, for those of you who are interested in the life of adam, here's the info:

I'm working for Mattress Gallery Direct as a delivery guy.  It's a pretty sweet job.  I get forty hours a week, eight an hour, always off on sundays and one other day a week (which is soon to change to two other days off a week :) ).

The only problem is, I can't get off for youth camp this year, which I found out today :(.  The first time I've missed one of the best weeks ever in like five years.


The most important thing, in my mind, I'm doing this summer is I'm in charge of SHIFT, the name of the drama team specifically for upcoming freshman that I'm over for the summer.

I have Katie Ramsey, Zack cambell, Morgan, Bekah Lewis, Nicole, and Alex Mulane under me, and as of right now we're working on a super awesome human video, which should hopefully be done by the end of June or early July.


Other than that, God is really telling me a lot of things this summer, though a lot of it is really confusing.  but it's all good though, I suppose, God is good :)


And at the end of the summer, a bunch of us guys are going to Florida for a few days, then I'll be going to Knoxville to see my awesome Mentor Pastor Ronnie, then moving in to start my



God is good, that's my life,

Comments anyone?  I don't seem to get any of those anymore...

My Chain E-Mail/Bulletin

May 09 2007

I think you'll find it worthwhile to read this...

These bulletins are so stupid with their "if you don't repost you'll be cursed, have a stroke of bad luck," or one of my personal favorites "have the worst life ever." What? No, you're wrong. I'm sorry mr or mrs. i want the world to hear my bulletin, but your words do not intrinsically possess some type of magical power that instantly endows your bulletin with the capability of damning the rest of someone's existence because they don't care to tell the world about "ten things to say to mr. right."

Sorry, but just... no, I mean..

Where do you people even get this?

So i think a bulletin should go something like this:

"If you don't repost this little green men will come out of your closet and beat you with lucky charms made of steel, then tie you up and toss you through your window, subsequently rolling you on the sheets of broken glass.  Lacerated and bleeding, they will then cast you off the plank of a magical pirate ship descending from the ninth martian galaxy which will then wisk you off to the pacific coast where your bloodied body will be tossed to the ravenous great whites.  After being effectively devoured, your processed excreted body will then accumulate into a giant mass at the bottom of the ocean which will directly cause a cataclysmic shift in the ocean currents, worldwide flooding, and thus a subsequent destruction of all human life.

Therefore, if you don't want to be the direct cause of the termination of every man, woman and child on the planet, then repost this, OR ELSE!!!


Or, if you're a sensible human being, who knows everything I just said is crap, and does not in any way have some type of magical capability of causing these things to happen simply because I made them up, because the truth is that these statements were simply pulled right out of my butt, then repost this to let the world know that chain letters with certain and inescabable doom as a direct cause of not reposting them is one of the most retarded, thoughtless activities going on in the technological age, and do so only with the simple satisfaction of knowing "ahh, maybe I have in some way helped to hault the comprehensive decline of the average human I.Q. in contemporary society, becuase I have helped to expose this hopelessly brain-sucking activity."

The non-coerced, sensible, coherent minded individuals', End. :)


May 06 2007
So soon I'll be in the boro for basically the entire summer.
It's crazy, this will be the longest one stretch of time i've been in the boro since... well, my first year there before I went to lee.  So, in about two years.

Well murfreesborians, get ready to have your full dose of Adam! haha

O, and um, THE BAND NEVERTHELESS IS AMAZING I know I already said that, but i'm becoming more obsessed....
P.S., random insert.
Mrs. Jeana is da bomb!!

New band

May 05 2007

They're like a combination of relient k, dashboard confessional, and the vocals sound a little like anberlin, sometimes.
I like them A LOT.  Just got their cd today, it was their debut that came out sometime last year.

If you're a big relient K fan, I advise them, very much so.
Some REALLY good songs.  Good stuff :-)

and I guess in other band news, I am very much obsessed with Red
Thank you Chris Jensen, I am forever in debt to you. ;)

A short ballad? I guess...

April 26 2007
Well, for those of you who take the time to read this, I hope it was worth it :), haha...


Enter into the thick, blood thirsty air of 29 AD, where an odd echoseems to be permeating the atmosphere...

"Never... underestimate our Jesus..."

And the carnage begins:
He's just a carpenter's son!
No better than the rest of us,
As the law bound hypocrites,
Tried him of his blasphemous, repugnant crimes.
Haha! The King of the Jews, are you?
Scowled the hate-filled soldiers,
Before they crowned him in their disgust,
And beat him like a scoundrel.
They they carried him to the cross, pinned in agony and humiliation,
For crimes he had not the capacity to commit,
Yet was forced to stay broken there, and bleeding,

And yet, in the midst of all the pain, all the noise,and all the
A whisper,
Carried on the wind of a thousand of the redeemed,

"Never underestimate our Jesus,They're telling you there is no hope, we're telling you,

They're wrong."

The aural echo dissipates as the crowds hurl their malicious insults,
Drowning whatever hope you may have thought you heard.
As prior hope turns to despair, you look up to see him crying out inagony,
Asking his father, why he had been forsaken.
And right then, regardless of what that "echo" was stating, you
All hope is lost.

But all of the sudden the ground shakes, and a chaos of a different
hue ensues,
"The temple veil has been torn in two!" You hear one shout,
"Some who were dead are now alive!" Shouts another...
And then the clutter becomes too much,
You can't take in the surprise, uncertainty, and fear among the
All seems like an overbearing blur.
Your ears feel as if they'll bleed from this emotional, unstable
cacophony bearing down on you...
And then you hear it..
A declaration so absurd, so inconceivable, but even as it blisters
your weary ears,
You can't deny it,
"Surely this man was the Son of God!"

And then,
It all makes sense.
And even as you see a limp body taken down from His execution, the
later news you find of his resurrection bore no resemblance to the
deep, resonating assurance you found at this time, and at this
He is, the Son of God
Jesus Christ, the Savior, of the entire world,
And He's giving His life
For you.
And then...following the peace, following your belief... in the wake
of your consumption with your revelation,
All goes quiet.

And a silence so penetrating ensues, that the few moments it lasts
seem all too ominous to withstain.
But then,
Something happens...,

And a faint, faint whisper, rises from the stillness,
And all the angels gathered with the saints and said,

Underestimate our Jesus.
They told you there was no hope,
And we're telling you:

They were wrong."


April 16 2007
Everyone, you must support paul and I's awesome funniness debut and go to youtube and see our stroke of comedic brilliance (yes, it's THAT good) that we put up last night.

Type in adam paul hughes hall, and it'll be the only video you see.
Comment, support, and spread the word.
Paul and Adam humor shall take the world by jovial force!

Monkey soccer returns!!

April 04 2007
So it wasn't on nearly as much of a large scale: we only had six guys and played for like thirty minutes in the rain in the field next to Hughes.
But regardless, it was still amazing!
The one thing about it is that because there were only six of us, after like fifteen minutes, all of us were about to die.
I don't know what it was, the field wasn't big at all, but it was so FREAKING TIRING.
Ahh, but good fun.  One time I tackled another guy at the legs as he ran at me, another time Jesse (my huge RA), fell on me, and made me feel like I took a trip to the chiropractor.  In a weird way, the way my neck popped felt good.
Then for the last goal of the night (we tied 8-8) I actually pushed Jesse over from behind (yes, it made me feel manly) and then took the ball, pushed down field, and dove to push the ball through the goal (diving seemed much because it put me muchs closer to the ground, rendering any from behind tackles from Jesse as flops on me, rather than knocking me back five feet from a standing position :), and then we callled it a night.
So yeah, the conclusion of this evening (we just finished like twenty minutes ago) was fun.  Tackling, running in the pouring down rain, lightning too (kinda scary)
Ahh, college life is good :)

How some people at Lee make me feel

March 26 2007
It hurts to see so many blind people.
It hurts to see so many blind people even more blinded by the veil of false Christianity.
To see so many people using Christianity as a filter for their dissipation.
God can't look past that, and it hurts me to see those fooled by the enemy to think He can.
All I can say is He loves you so much.
Stop playing games with the one who gave all He could give to you.
And surrender.


March 25 2007
Friendship is like peeing your pants, everyone can see it,

but only you can feel the true warmth

Ireland stuff

March 21 2007
Well if you guys want to see some of my pictures from Ireland, go to this link.
Yeah, be jealous.. :)

In Ireland

March 12 2007

hey everyone! guess what?  i'm in ireland!!

yeah, be jealous, it's okay.  i would be too ;)

things are pretty amazing here, i've already seen my share of breath taking scenery, and i've only been here two days.  still nine more to go!

don't worry, you'll be able to see all my pictures and video i'm sure, that is, if you know me that well.

So, off to a park in a few minutes, and moving on to a different city: been in west port the past two.

Be Jealous

March 05 2007
Yep, leaving for Ireland in less than four days.


February 24 2007

I believe that due to my profession
that Jesus is Lord, not just a teacher, a prophet, or religious man,
but Lord, of my life, and belief in my heart that God raised him from
the dead, totally conquering all of the enemy's power over me, based
on scripture's description of one who is truly saved found in Romans
10:9, that I am a saved, reborn, new creation in Jesus Christ, and
that “the old has gone, the new has come.” I love the Lord with
all my heart, mind, soul and strength, and I believe that based on
what my Lord himself said that “He who loves me will keep my
commandments,” that I should continually pursue to live in complete
compliance with his commandments. Furthermore, I firmly concede with
what the psalmist says in Psalm 119 in reference to this pursuit, for
I believe that if I “hide his word in my heart, I might not sin
against him.” Therefore, every day I do all I can to continually
seek his presence, word, instruction, and truth, for I believe that
as my Lord, he deserves nothing less.

If you're interested in what's going on...

February 24 2007
I guess I'm posting because I'm bored.

So I'm almost finished with this chaplain application, that's good, though it seems to be taking forever.
need to study for a couple tests I have next week, one in particular,
because it's Dr.Simmons and he has a 96 for an A and I'm told his tests
are insane.
Um, I'm glad for this weekend, I guess, Monday should be
pretty flippin sweet, paul and I are going to sugar mountain to ski all
day long.
The only problem with that is when we get back it'll be
super late, and I have to get up at like seven thirty to meet with a
professor before I have class all day and then study the rest of the
following evening.  So I think I'll be sleeping through chapel then.
And probably the coolest thing right now is that I am only one week and six days away from IRELAND!!!
I can't believe it's that close....
Pretty crazy
and yes eveyone, there will be plenty of pictures and video footage for you all to have the second hand Ireland experience

Good stuff

February 15 2007
9 How can a young man keep his way pure?
       By living according to your word.

 10 I seek you with all my heart;
       do not let me stray from your commands.

 11 I have hidden your word in my heart
       that I might not sin against you.


February 09 2007
There are so many people in this world constantly deliberating
their beliefs completely devoid of God in any form or fashion.  What is
worse, they're educational platforms (via masters or ph.ds) from which
they are declaming these opinions seem to automatically deem them as
qualified, and with valid, coherent claims on whatever topic they
choose to discuss.  This assumed validation of their opinions
subsequently renders those of lesser intellectual experience to
seriously consider these claims, even unto the point of being severely
challenged in their previous point of view on their faith, solely
because of this person's academic training.

Finally, and
probably somewhat conversely in view of what I just said, this is
something that I often struggle with.  I'm assuming because I'm so
super analytical, I have a problem when people assert bogus claims, and
rather than challenge them, I consider them.

But to make a long
story short, after prayer tonight.. I'm really thinking I'm called to
some extent, possibly to an intensive extent, to the field of
challenging the every so craftily contrived arguments against the
absolute, one and only God, who sent His one and only Son, Jesus
Christ, who did die and rise again on the third day, so that all
humanity could have a relationship with Him, who is undoubtedly
returning some day, and will take us home, to the real place, that is
Heaven, a very real, supernatural dwelling with the one and only
Creator of the universe for all eternity.

Haha, yes, I was being overly and exhaustively assertive, THERE ARE JUST SO MANY BOGUS PHILOSOPHIES/THEOLOGIES TO NEGATE!


February 05 2007

Well, I guess I can't really think of anything too exciting to
Um, yesteray I went back to the boro for the first time
this semester, and it was a blast.  It was so good to take a
weekend I didn't spend entirely in Cleveland, and I guess, just being
able to see all of my friends back home again.  If you didn't see me... sorry? I guess? 
Hooper, Paul, Chris, Kate, Rebecca, and I, along with Mr.Hooper, watched the super bowl at his house, and THE COLTS WON.  Bonus.
YES! PEYTON'S GOT A RING!  Yep, I'm happy.
I guess it's pretty cool that this is my last week of GST, so after
this friday, I'll have one class on Monday's, a cafe and another on
wednesdays, and non on Fridays.  Yeah, it's pretty sweet.
O,and something REALLY cool...
I'm going on KCC's ski trip as a youth leader, and after being able
to go down a super tough black diamond last year, I'm pretty psyched
about pretty much skiing as hardcore as I want.  FEB 15-17. 
We leave the 15th at about four PM, five hour drive, get there, rent
our skis, and then ski from like 9AM-10PM on Friday.  Drive back
on Saturday.
Okay... there's your update on my
O, and Jentzen Franklin's speaking this coming SUnday night:
I'm pretty pumped, he's probably my favorite speaker I've heard so
far.  he's the only chapel speaker from who I got the CD of his

Los comment....os.... right..

Learning Spanish (Aprendiendo Espanol)

February 01 2007
(Random interjection, my picture is on Lee's homepage!)
The only thing is, it's from behind, and it kind of looks like I'm Hitler, though I'm praising God.
ha, how ironic. Anyway...

Just for anyone who is interested in speaking spanish, and of those who
read this, I think that makes this practical, if you have i-tunes
there's this new pod cast called "spanish coffee break" that started in
October, and it's pretty awesome. There have been 24 episodes so far,
and a new one comes out every week.  And of course, the coolest thing
is that all of it is free, it automatically subscribes you to the pod
cast so that you get the new episode every week.  Yes, it is fairly
basic, but the thing is, it teaches you conversational spanish, and the
teaching method establishes your vocabulary in things you use in
conversation, and I guess the biggest thing is that it hammers into
your memory the conversational words you might have problems


January 29 2007
Why is poop such a funny word?

Poopity poopity poop poo poo pa choo.
Poo poop poopty poopity poopooty poo.


Unto God always

January 27 2007

always here people say “live a life of worship.” I, myself, had
God tell that to me after prayer once, no more than a couple weeks
ago. And as I walked out of that prayer time, my mentality and
everything was so much.... better. I don't know, there's just
something about constantly having Him on your mind, and to exalt Him
and lift Him up in everything that you do. Living a lifestyle of
worship, all that you do is unto Him.

Well, I
guess I would say this is definitely one of those verses that
encapsulates that.


I will
extol the LORD at all times;
his praise will always be on my lips.

praise is always on my lips. Now.. I don't really think you can have
any type of productive conversation with other people if you're
constantly saying “Bless Jesus, Blessed be His name, Glory to God!”
I mean, think about it “What's up Adam?” “Blessed be the name
of the Lord, Praised be His name!” “Um.. okay, how was class?”
“Jesus is good, Hallelujah, let His name be exalted!”.. you get
the point. But you can be lifting Him up in every conversation you
have, even when it has nothing to do with God or how good He is or
anything. Living a lifestyle of worship is so much more than
repetitive exaltations to God, at least, in the sense that we
initially think. But no matter what, I should somehow be praising
God in what I'm saying, which makes me think about complaining, about
self pity and loathing, and even about “venting” as we call it.
Is what we're saying praise to God or not? I would say complaining
and self pity really can't ever be, but I would say, however, that we
can vent, and still be lifting God up. What I mean is, I can be
expressing my frustration, weakness, or humanity, to God, but
with this mindset: You're still good, you're still in control, and
I'm letting you know about my problems because You're my abba Father,
you care, and I know you'll help me through this.
This, as
opposed to “God, I hate the situation I'm in, and it makes me
think less of You.”

instance, if you have the joy of the Lord, you really don't have to
say anything, but you're consistent joyful mentality is an exaltation
to God: because you're letting the world know with your consistent
positive mentality, which is not normal, that God is able to take
typical human cynicism and turn it into joy.

if praise to Him is always on my lips, no matter what I say, it is in
some way an attribution to God, His control, His goodness, His
sovereignty, His sustenance,generally speaking, Him, as a good God
who's good no matter what. No matter what.

Girl's emotions

January 23 2007

I'm going to be
honest and say it amazes me how easily a girl can be swayed or
emotionally affected by a guy whenever he does something "sweet,"
in the sense that he says, does, or expresses something complimentary
or just generally speaking, emotional towards the girl.
I can
watch a guy who knows that what he's saying isn't really that
heartfelt or that original say it simply because he knows what a
powerful effect he's going to have on whoever she is, and uses that
to his advantage.
I can also watch how girls melt when they watch
some guy do something "sweet" to any extent and think "O..
he's the man of my dreams!  How I long for such a guy like
To just be honest, sometimes this makes me sick,
becuase the guy could very well be a jerk with crafty words.
thing, I'm not bashing being a sweet, selfless, loving
boyfriend/husband, I totally agree that's how a husband should treat
his wife; that IS the way it should be.
Second thing, I AM saying
that girls can over react to this, and guys use it to their

Girls need to understand something: Just because a
guy can write a romantic song, write a romantic poem, or schedule
some romantic date, doesn't mean SQUAT for his character.  To
put it bluntly, this could all just be a well contrived scheme to get
in your pants.  Or, if not to that extreme, to win you over, not
necessarily because he feels the same way about you, but because he's
a guy, and, well, guys want to win the girl. In other words, a guy
doesn't have to feel like he's totally comitted to a girl to write
her a love song, poem, or any of these things, BUT girls tend to
receive such a message: and frequently get their hearts broken. 

Finally, I know this may seem horridly pessimistic.. maybe it
is.  The only thing I'm saying is.. girls, pray and seek God
about guys: just because they can drop a rose at your door, or right
you a cute love song doesn't mean they're the one for you.