July 20 2006

i guess i could update.

summers been pretty good, really busy.

but its been slowin down.

went to disney world, HAWAII, and church camp with white water rafting.

all were amazing, but im looking foward to relaxin nowadays. if thats a word.

church tonight, then plea for purging show on fri. should be pretty suuhweet.


April 28 2006

went to the show at sports com tonight.

it was pretty good.

until the cops came.

super flyyy

March 15 2006

I ate a whole pizza today.

I have percussion xs for the next five days.

So I didn't go to church tonight.

I wanna do something to my hair.

Dye it or something.

I don't think my maja will let me tho.

California white is the best pizza. buy it.

no way jose

February 26 2006

there are more people that are "addicted to starbucks" than there are Christians. what kind of world is this.

mmm hmmm

February 06 2006

target is one of the best stores ever. i decided that today.

music and basketball is really the only things keeping me happy.

life is still extremely boring.

oh well God has a reason for everything.


January 12 2006

i am bored with life.

tired of school, tired of thinking, tired of trying, tired of life.

i could really use something new.


December 01 2005

me and my mom ordered the iPod from apple.com.it is black 30gb 7500 songs. i get for christmas.



yeper skepers

November 09 2005

went to burger king tonight.

ordered a chicken sandwich majig. threw it away. got a awesome darth maul and obi won star wars watch.


Oprah had her giveaway thing today. it was for some heros of Katrina. everyone got those new video iPods and a $1600 new laptop. it was awesome.( she also gave away crescants, cookies, and brownies.)


October 26 2005

new ultimate frisbee league.join now or forever hold your peace. hehe

i had two cupcakes, two pieces of pie, and some chips and dip for lunch.yayyayayayay.


October 10 2005
oprah and reese witherspoon are from nashville. oprahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

luckily theres a family guy

September 29 2005
latin is definately the best class ever. way better than spanish.

why hello there

September 10 2005
when you mouth the words elephant shoes it looks like you are sayin i love you.mmmmazing.


August 13 2005
i invented sunglasses


obviously you guys arent at all interested that i invented sunglasses (even though i think it was a great invention)

so i guess ill talk about something new. the high school is rather large.


August 05 2005
i want a green shirt that says im wearing green. KAPOW


July 29 2005
Holy polaris Batman! The original batman was definately the best batman. KAPOW!


July 22 2005
bird poop doesnt smell..isnt that veirddd