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this past year

December 28 2006

2006 has been amazinggg. =]

+unfortunately, i had this guy on my mind who i later found out was scum. but i learned from that.

+everything exploded with kaitlyn saying stuff about my friends. that did not work for me at all. but we have lockers next to each other, and are really nice to each other now.

+justin & i got into alot of little fights.

+deborah went to a bus conference, and things changed, kinda.

+i wrote this long note, saying i wanted me & my best friend to take a break. [i had a reason for doing it, and im glad that i did it. things are pretty great now. he has another best friend, but our friendship is still great.]

+jake & johnny were stupid and got into a really bad wreck.

+deborah got into spectrum. [im pretty sure that was in 2006.]

+got a car.

+went to jazzfest. it was an interesting night.

+turned 15 & got my permit.

+went to a DCI show in atlanta.

+started my junior year.

+hung out with some different people, and some of the same.

+many inside jokes, great times in chemistry with a bad teacher, all kinds of drama.

+went to florida for my niece`s makeawish trip when everyone else was taking exams. it was truly magical. ;] went to mgm, universal, magic kingdom, animal kingdom, and sea world. rode a roller coaster that went backwards, for the 1st time -- expedition everest. rode my 1st "big" roller coaster -- kraken.

i cant think of anything else.. but 2006 was definitely incredible. =]


November 08 2006

oakland needs a young republicans club.

who seconds that?

edit-- apparantly chris seconded that. so i am now a card-carrying member. yay. =]


September 30 2006

some people are just way stupid. but it made for interesting conversation on the ride home. pretty sure mother bought our performance.. and it was really not too bad. some parts i was like wtf is the band playing bc it does NOT sound like our music. and in guard there were some individual mistakes but not THAT bad. most were stupid though. so i dont think we`ll get chewed out that bad.. but who knows? mr waters daughter died a year ago this coming monday, and she went to lebanon high. i think thats why he was moodswingy, but he always says to leave personal matters at home and just focus on guard. and also that we are a family and everyone will be there to support you yet leaves for 2 weeks and avoids talking about it. but whatever, im over it. but i learned three [guard] things today. 1- my tosses on flag tend to be low, and on rifle too high. 2- if you are mad and just go do the work and dont care how it turns out.. you will get a good run. dont know how it works but most guard girls werent too happy and they were like um whatever and it ended up being a good run. well ok i do know why that is, but its hard to explain. 3-i forgot. haha. so it must not be important.


thanks to an anonymous student

September 24 2006

for the topic of the essay i am finishing off. should marching band be considered a sport? the only problem is i cant think of literary allusions for it. but its fun writing it.

yeah, this weekend was amazing. like the best ever. im very happy. well, everything except for the actual performance.

freaking stupid people

September 21 2006

ok pretty sure the very first diagonal in the opener, um, yeah. if a person doesnt stop thinking she is right WHEN SHE ISNT then we are gonna look like shit AGAIN at the competitions. i hate when a person thinks they are awesome or perfect or a parent of theirs does. because if that was true i dont think the opening DIAGONAL would be messed up, now would it?

pretty sure mr waters didnt make two persons captain because they werent there this summer. thats because they were doing other things. like things that take hard work. things that certain others didnt and got to be captain only because they were the best of what was left, not of everybody. no i am not saying that they arent good captains, but some may be letting it go to their head when they have no right to think they are so great.

some people need to respect the captains more. and some people need to stop thinking they are all that bc they arent freshmen anymore.

i am not trying to be a bitch with all that, im merely trying to let this all out. i dont want any comments on it. not really anyone to read it either. but if i keep it private thats kinda dumb.

COMPETITION TOMORROW! [2 of em actually]



September 03 2006



pretty sure we have practice that night, but im getting my cousin to tape it and im watching it wednesday. or you can just tivo it.

the site says to hang one of the below posters [or different one] in your band room, but i never go in there except for practices pretty much, so i just printed them for myself. :]



[i like the 1st link the best, but the 2nd one has a guard girl on front, so of course i would love that one too.]


August 24 2006
GRRRR. pretty sure i have needed to talk to mr waters for a week now, but since friday he said he was tired of people saying they need to talk to him after practice, i didnt say anything then. but he hasnt been there for 2 practices, so im kinda confused. but anyways just wanted to get that out, im better now. :] but i still need to talk to him. *sigh*


July 30 2006

just got home from the weekend trip to atlanta. it was amazing. my first dci show, actually. finally got to see gg in person, and we got there in time to see all but the 1st 2 shows. im not really one for marching band, but some were really cool- spirit &cavaliers of course being my favorites. spirit made finals &cavys one by .025. i didnt get to see ben tho bc in his uniform its hard to tell who`s who. &the buses were far away so i didnt get to see him in person either. but it was alot of fun. makes me excited for this year.. and cant wait for gg to get back &learn it too.

and there was a rain delay in the georgia dome. odd, right? well it was bc the rain &thunder were so loud.. but then the roof got a leak or something where we were supposed to be sitting.. so good thing we were sitting somewhere else lol.

ok thats all :]


July 23 2006

july 29 = dci southeastern championships in atl. mother &i are going.

&happy birthday to danielle, one of my bestfriends. she`s 16 but that whore doesnt get her license yet. haha. :]

everything lately.

July 14 2006

for some reason.. i am looking forward to band camp. cannot wait till july 28. mother &i are going to see gg & ben & cruise. i got back from florida monday, but my computer was being fixed &just got it back. i can burn cd`s again now.. i couldnt for the past year. i was practicing rifle last night, and got really pissed bc i was doing really bad but in practice earlier i was doing good. i couldnt do better than a 3 1/2, and so i chucked it, it bounced and hit me in the eye. [look at my newest picture.] ok i think thats all.


June 11 2006

triples are still shaky. blahh!

i really want somebody to come over &help me with stuff. i went to gg`s before she left, but maybe somebody could come over tomorrow..? or another day, just not tuesdays. idk, leave me a comment or call me. :]


May 23 2006

to ohs band:

is anybody willing to tell me the music for next years show? or if we really are going to have 2 drum majors?

thanks a bunch . <3

yeah, i decided to quit guard, then got myself talked into it about a week ago.. &ill be doing weapons :0 so ill really have to work &thats gonna suck.

plus a few select other things have happened. i told somebody to never talk to me again.. and weird things have been happening. my dad is trying really hard to get me to go to florida alot this summer. so maybe i will, dunno yet. at the moment i just wanna stay in tenn &chill. i got a car. daddy wants to throw me a party for my birthday.. but idk if i want one.. cuz ive never really been much of a partygirl. i have a weapons only rehearsal on my birthday.. and there a movement one is planned for 4th of july but deff aint goin to that. we always have a party @my house.. and besides.. its a holiday! ok i suppose thats all. oh &schools out so im now technically a junior. what fun. :]

30 songs

April 23 2006

1. On your current playlist, put it on shuffle and pick the first thirty songs that come up, no matter how embarrassing.
2. Write down the first one or two lines from each song.
3. Have your friends comment and see if they know any of the songs - no cheating!  No Google!
4. When someone guesses correctly, bold the line and add at the end of the name of the song.  Bold and indent when the artist has also been guessed and write it at the end of the line also.

1. Look, if you had one shot, one opportunity/To seize everything you ever wanted…One moment *lose yourself*

2. Well i caught my wife with another man/And it cost me ninety nine *ol` red*

3. Uh, Yeah, Uh, yeah, uh, yeah, uh, yeah/And I heard 'em say, nothin ever promised tommorow today. *heard em say*

4. You got to be seen at every party/At the playboy mansion *just dont tell me that*

5. I could be mean/I could be angry *just like you*

6. Is it still me that makes you sweat?/Am I who you think about in bed? *teen hearts beating faster*

7. Fly with new blast, get gas/Kid Rock some folks thought i'd flew right past *dunno what song this is haha.. im guessing my name is kid rock*

 8. rob the jewelry store and tell em make me a grill/add the whole top diamond and the bottom rows gold *grillz*

9. Well I am packin' up my game and I'm a headin out west/where real women come
equipped with scripts and fake breast *cowboy*

10. Sit tight/I'm going to need you to keep time/Come on just snap, snap, snap your fingers for me *the only difference between martydom and suicide is the presss conference*

11. You held my hand and walked me home/I know/Why You gave me that kiss/it was something like this *dont tell me*

12. Turn it up some/Alright boys, this is her favorite song/You know that right *honkytonk badonkadonk*

13. Uh huh, this is my shit/All the girls stomp your feet like this *hollaback girl*

14. She's got you wrapped up in her satin and lace/Tied around her little finger/She's got you thinking you never can escape *i can love you better*

15. So many words for the broken heart/It's hard to see in a crimson love  *dont remember! haha*

16. Hi barbie/Hi ken/Do you wanna go for a ride?/Sure ken../Jump in.... *barbie girl*

17. storm bustin threw/i see me i see you/your body's callin/ima put this in tha back *i like that*

18. I'm getting a little tired/Of your broken promises, promises *no more*

19. What cha'll know about a supermodel/Fresh outta Elle magazine/Buy her own bottles/Look pimp juice, I need me one *dont remember! haha*

20. This ain't no temporary, typical, tearful good-bye/This ain't no breakin' up and wakin' up and makin' up one more time *gone*

21. There's always that one person/That will always have your heart *my boo*

22. I be on it all night, man I be on it/All day straight up pimp *kryptonite [im on it]*

23. Do you wanna be a poet and write/Do you wanna be an actor up in lights *burn*

24. Well it's not far down to paradise/At least it's not for me/And if the wind is right you can sail away/And find tranquility *sailing*

25. Can this be true/Tell me can this be real/How can i put into words what i feel *god must have spent a little more time on you*

26. Hey ladies drop it down/Just want to see you touch the ground *belly dancer*

27. You've always been a friend of mine/And that's the way we'll be 'til the day I die/It's good to know you're on my side *laredo*

28. I tear my heart open, I sow myself shut/My weakness is that I care too much *scars*

29. My dad chased monsters from the dark/He checked underneath my bed/An he could lift me with one arm/Way up over top of his head *the impossible*

30. Her parents never took the young girl to church/Never spoke of his name/Never read her his word/Two non-believers walking lost in this world *the little girl*

0k guYs .. theRe are the anSweRs..


March 08 2006

once again copying from xanga

but i like this post..

my motto ? "fun." yeah. thats dumb immature childish but whatever. u live life and then u die, right.. well so why dont u live life and have fun. dont worry about gettin cancer or aids or anything b/c you are gonna die eventually.. some just die quicker.. this isnt the best way to live, i suppose, not caring about certain things.. but this is me. there are different aspects to SARAH LOUISE SALYER and this is one of them that its taken me a while to figure out. <3

please leave.. remarks [i always have to check what it is to leave b/c i have so many online things haha how lame] and if not then o well you`re stupid i guess

i`ve been calling everybody stupid lately, so take no offense to it.


DEDiCATED//pt. 1

January 11 2006

--being lazy.. copying from xanga..

ok.. this post is dedicated to justin..

one part of the wonderful djd..

ok well we started out when i was in 4th grade, in spectrum. he was just like any other kid in my opinion. we went to atl and beta conventions and stuff like that and had great times. then the night of graduation i looked up his number, among other peope, and then later we got aim and xangas and started talking alot more.  then eventually he became one of my bestfriends and vice-versa. then we had some problems.. i dont even remember one but i remember it was one of the worst times of my life. then we got better, and i introduced him to deborah. we went to the BOWLING ALLEY and michael came with us to the mall, applebees, and kohls. then they came over to my house to watch movies & hang out.. no michael lol. those were great times. lately we`ve been having problems tho. long story.. but i`m sure we`ve worked thru it. from what i can gather neither one of us can manage to live without the other in their lives. yes we both have other friends.. but we would need each other.

i meant to do this post a long time ago.. but wanted to wait, and this seemed like as good a time as any other.

lol btw im sick. yep ear infections in both ears, runny nose, headaches, that kinda stuff. doc said i almost had pneumonia -- i think thats how u spell it-- which is funny b/c of what deborah said.. but yeah.


January 06 2006

T0dAY iS O-DAY......


iM SiCk.!



^^not original, but hey, neither are they.

randys refs;;always the right call -->100%.. OOO-RIGINAL

oakland domination all the way, babyy


December 31 2005
hey happy new years <3


December 04 2005



wtf.. leave me some remarks!

November 04 2005

pretty sure i need some "remarks"

i mean, i havent even had it a month and yall are makin me want to quit

hm whatever.....

life is goin ok... ups and downs......

ohh , just another blog

October 25 2005

hm.. been called a whore alot recently. which is funny but.. i can actually understand why. i mean.. im alot more.. ____ [idk how to  say it .. confident? outgoing? stupid?] with guys now. the other day i went up to a dude and said "hey, whats your name, youre hot" and i would have died doing that a couple of years ago.

hm dont have anything else to say

love. sayRuh!*

                    ^nickname.. its just people say my name wrong