Strange Request

July 31 2007

I got a strange request on my computer today... The updater had to update itself before it could check for updates? I pondered... and then found myself in a space-time continuum.


photo from nathan


Tyler Lowery

July 31 2007
thats just a little wierd

Rachael Moore

July 31 2007


July 31 2007
Silly computers... By the way, I do love the new look on the top! Very light and happy!


July 31 2007
Mac. They are smart and I love them...looks like a tough choice, dard side or light side uhmm

Bethany Bratcher

August 02 2007
lol-that is funny....I like that you simpsonized yourself

Matt Hicks

August 02 2007
should have used Linux-;)


September 04 2007
that's hilarious- and i just got your remark regarding dollywood - to respond, yes because you can go to church in dollywood on sunday and that's just awesome (if you go, say hi to Scott, the pastor, for me) however if you find amusement parks interesting purely for the thrilling roller costers then this is NOT your park... but there are tons of random shows and funness in addition to mediocre rides (which is fine for me the non-roller coaster tycoon)

Jesus Christ

March 16 2010
bless you.