April 28 2007
All Who Advanced To Nationals:
[♥=ones that took 1st in State]
[*= ones i am in]
- Meghan's Short Sermon
- ♥ Jaime's Drama solo
- Isaiah's Drama solo
- Marybeth's Drama solo
- Alex's Drama solo
- *Skitzo's Small Human Video Group
- ♥ Michelle's Trumpet Solo
- *Can't give up now Duet
- Brianna & Kate's Duet
- ♥*Elevate Large Drama Group
- J Squared Small Drama Group
- ♥*FWC Youth Choir
- Ben's Guitar Solo
- *Total Praise Large Vocal Ensemble

that would be 14 of the 30 total that competed from our church..


April 21 2007

Ice Skating was WIKID SWEET!
but i hate to say that i messed up my
my knee a little pulling a stunt on the ice..
lol..but you know me
well other than that..
tomorrow night at church is the
Fine Arts Presentations Service/ Desert
the majority of the things i am participating
in are performing.. so its going to be interesting..
well ttyl!
Mucho Amor Kris


April 20 2007

Report card was not bad..
it hasn't been bad at all this year..
i've kept A's and B's all this year..
i have a 3.778 GPA still..


March 25 2007

everyone please pray for my mom!!!
she is not feelin too great...
the dr's don't know what is wrong..
the medicine only helps barely..
she can't go to the other dr until April 6th...
Pray and please pray hard!!!

Hey everybody...

February 20 2007

Haven't been on this in about a month... seems like longer than that but hey what ever!?!?

well who i "liked" i have decided i "like" them better as a friend and enjoy their company as a brother! i think i made the right decision. I also found out the other night about 2 weeks after i had made decision, finally, that he only likes me as a sister/friend also..so it all works out to Gods plan~ !lol..

well... i am pretty sure that i officially know what classes i will be taking next year...!!!! its going to be an interesting year!

well i might get back on later... or a month from now...lol

Love Ya ALways!!!


i bleached my hair.. and broke my finger all in the same week!!!

January 19 2007

well if all of you didn't know.. that practically sums it all up!!

i still have a 3.7778 GPA

i broke my middle finger doing laundry

i bleached my hair

i'm still loosing weight.. slowly but surely

i told one of my best friends (guy ofcourse) that i like him and that has not changed our relationship...YAY

i gave my guy friend shirley (nick) a fraux hawk during school and he might switch from prep to punk..

check out this site...


you will surely be astounded!!!


!!!i <3 Starburst!!!

So Far...

December 29 2006


well anyways... i went to Texas for Christmas... i got a few things but i really am getting what i wanted tomorrow! which would be a new Epiphone Les Paul Special 2 Vintage Sunburst!!! it is awesome! so i am totally siked about that!

wednesday we went to the movies with the youth group and all but the G-Club plus Kirby and Destiny saw The Nativity... of course we took the time to go see Charlottes Web which is a cute movie... better than the animated!!! we were so close to seeing Happy Feet for the 3rd and 4th time though!

Destiny later spent the night and we went to her house thurday where i hung out with her and JJ...I Heart my Starburst!!!

Well that is what has happened in my life so far... enjoy...


December 15 2006

mid terms are going ok i guess..

i'm not so sure what i got on the geometry but i know it wont be an A..and i can pretty much say the same about my 3rd 6 weeks grade in there. and i know i got and 82 on my geography mid term and i know i have an A in there...

well i have more monday and tuesday and then no school for a week and 6 days!!!

YAY ME!!!!


November 23 2006

The Movie was Awesome!!!!lol..i loved it... deffinately a must have when it comes out on DVD!

these are the options of new guitars i want..

#1 which is most likely going to happen:it's a Fender Tornado GT HH

#2 which might happen:

# 3 which most likely wont happen for a couple years but i want the most: i couldn't load up a picture but it is a Fender So-Cal Shop Guitar!!! its wikid SWEET!!!

well ttyl! HAPPY TURKEY DAY!!!


November 22 2006

Tonight is movie night from the youth group...and guess which movie i wanna go see?!?! HAPPY FEET!!! lol...it looks like a cute movie!

Well, yeserday after school the french club met up at books-a-million where we spoke everything in french for like an hour and a half. "Nous ont Dit tout chose dans le francais prend un heur et treze minut!"

Well i will see yall tonight! and remeber...tomorrow is thanksgiving...so...


Love Always <3Krista<3


November 02 2006

Now that the Judgement is officially over until next year... i can get some sleep... but then again i cannot. Doing the Judgement for the second year opened my eyes even further and now i cannot go without thinking even though we double our total from last year with about 1,300 going through and 205 giving their life to christ... how much more lost ones are out there.

I am happy that the judgement is over for now because i will be able to sleep and not have to worry about homework...but i am upset that it is over. Although i will be able to get more sleep, I would not have minded to do it for one more night... Surprisingly, unlike last year, my voice did not go away. or even fade at that matter. i think i was a little horse for one day. It was an act of God.

This year i really saw how God really is IN everything i do and say. I am just amazed at how much more my eyes have been open. I had never realized it, but i was reluctant to notice how much i wasn't living for god, and i never really came to an understanding who and what he is. I have always heard and read about who he is, but i guess, its really hard to explain. its like you know alot about something, not everything, but alot, and yet you know nothing. until one day your eyes aren't sheilded anymore. It's AMAZING!!!

God is awesome. He is so much more than we could ever comprehend.

Well i love everyone and i cannot wait until tomorrow night which is the youth rally at the church. i always look forward to the youth rally and the conventions!


Last night...

October 28 2006

.....was awesome!!!

23 people got saved... 161 went through i think... so thats over 10 % which is always awesome! well... we do it again tonight... last night it was so cold and it started flurrying...

my friend calia showed up last night... i love being in a scene so that i can see everyone who comes... except my feet are always killing me by the end of the night...


The JudgeMEnt...

October 26 2006

Last night was the premier night for the church...

it was awesome!!!!

well here is a picture of me after all was said and done...

scary i know...lol...

well can't wait to do it again for 5 days straight starting tomorrow night!

!!!J'Aime TU!!!


October 23 2006

You Are........The Distraction

A Poem by Me...Krista

   The PAIN I try so deperately to avoid by avoiding YOU is tearing ME apart and there is nothing I can do besides calling out the name of the ONE that I know will always be there for ME when YOUR not.

   The LOVE I embrace when ever around YOU seems SHALLOW when compared to the LOVE of the ONE who LOVES ME more than anything in the UNIVERSE.

   Thoughts of YOU tie MY mind up in knots and distract ME when I so desperately need to concentrate on the ONE who really matters in MY life. 

   At moments I feel that nothing and NO ONE can keep ME from YOU when YOU are the ONE keeping ME away from the ONE that will never leave ME.

   YOU may feel that YOU are NO ONE without ME and with ME,WE would be ONE. But the truth is, without HIM, I am NOTHING and WE are NO ONE without the ONE.

Tell me how you like it!!!! i just wrote it up on the spot...nothing special...got bored in other words...see you guys (you know who you are) tomorrow at the dress rehersal!!!!

!!!J'AIME TU!!!


October 14 2006
For those who didn't know...or just didn't come...last night was a movie night at the Peirce's house... we watched "The Fantastic Four" and "Little Shop of Horrors"...it was great....well i will see everyone tomorrow at church...this was the shortest weekend ever!


October 06 2006

Everything is coming together for the Judgement! I've added a little to my line with the advisory from Amy, and ofcourse some acting skills from Marcus and it looks great. Ecspecially now that i understand the scene better. I hadn't quite understanded my role until last night other than i was 'The Demon' in that scene. I also had no idea of my "coordinates" at the begining of the scene. But it was all understood last night. It lloks so awesome!

Tonight is the youth cookout... my mom would like me to try to find a ride to the lewis's house for me and emily before tonight because she just has so much to get done. After we get all work done i want to go shopping.... not sure why. I just want to i guess and you might say that i need to get an outfit or 2 because i have practicly no clothes for the 'cold weather'.

well i will see ya later!


October 05 2006

Today i helped out at the church with the sets for the judgement and then tonight i go back for practice...so i made two of the best tomb stones ever!!! i'm so proud of myself!!! lol...

oh and...i drew this...

yea i know...looks wikid sweet!!!


October 02 2006

Last night i stayed out with my friends Brittany and Michelle... yes i'm a heathen for skipping church last night and of course i am regretting it. i am as soar as crazy!!! that did not make sense but anywho. we didn't go to monster mountain... but instead went to The haunted woods, Old salem insane asylum, and Devil's Dungeon. Devil's Dungeon was first... it was my first Haunted house ever... so i didn't know that if you even play like your scared or make fun of them they will come after you more... thanks to michelle who didn't tell me until after we were in the car heading to the next one. lets just say, since it was my first i didn't know what to expect. I screamed... and i laugh at scary movies...! but anyways:

We payed our $10 and walked in... it was pitch black inside this huge place where there were black and white plywood walls with bloody smered hand prints everywhere.. you walk into this little closed off area where this guy in neon yellow jogging shorts and his face painted like he is in a heavy metal band...greets you as you approach grey painted benches that are resting underneath gargoyels. he explains the rules and is content about you paying attention.( he said he would chop off my toes with his rusty old garden hoe...i told him cool.. who needs 'em and we laughed.He didn't think it was very funny) He then released us to walk through this pitch black warehouse/maze thing. there were red and white strobe lights continually flashing and insanely dead people running through the hallways getting in your face,banging on the walls, popping out at you, starting up chainsaws, yelling and babling on as though they are insane and out of their minds. we journeyed through the maze like warehouse having no idea where we were going other than towards the long awaited exit. we went through tunnels the spun around us, got down on our hands and knees to make our way through spaces so small it would make anyone clostrephobic (sp), and ran into blood covered walls and bodies that were dangled from the seilings in blood drenched sheets. then we  thought that we had finally reached the end when we were lead back into the building and were introduced into areas that looked so much like living rooms,dungeons, torcher chambers, "slaughter houses", basements, and bedrooms where you ran into phsycopaths. We soon found ourselves in a maze of multiple doors and walls with holes and entryways in them. We later realized that there was a guy following us. whenever we would ask,"are you ok"(we were running each other into the walls and were holding on for dear life in the pitch black maze) or," do you have a hold on michelle's mom's jacket" he would say," yes i'm fine" or," yes i do" in a high pitch voice trying his best to sound like us. so my friend michelle said back in a higher pitched voice mimicing him," you sound like your going through puberty," we laughed cause he then replied in his normal low voice," what did you say about me?!?!" we laughed our heads off and forgot that we were stuck in the middle of a pitch black maze. we finally knew we were headed for the exit when that same guy later said," i wouldn't go there if i were you, it's a dead end" so we went and finally found the exit.. but as we were finding our way back outside of the warehouse a guy freaked us out by starting up a chainsaw right outside the door. so needless to say we took off running...lol. it was halarious. My friends will never let me live down that i held my hat over my face while we were in the pitch black maze. lol. even though i had fun with them...i'm never going to another haunted house again.

ttyl...i have scitzo practice tonight!


September 30 2006

Its fall break officially!!!

i will most likely be either on the computer.. in my room... at the mall.. well thats pretty much it other than friday... Here i come MONSTER MOUNTAIN...


September 29 2006

See you at the pole was ok. The Girls put in chrage weren't 100% sure what they were doing but it all went well. Wed. Night service was awesome. We went on a "feild trip" to the Court House, stood around the pole, and practicly had service there!

Today was the last day of school for a whole week cuz next week is FALL BREAK!!!! i am so excited! but now it seems as though i will not be going to "Monster Mountain" with my friends until Friday night. One of the main reasons why  i am going is so that the friends that i am going with will come to the judgement.

I have invited already a total of 20 people that i did not invite or know last year. Two of my friends went last year that are going to come again this year. Well that 20 isn't all that i have invited, just all that i have invited that said they were coming. It is so hard trying to describe what the Judgement is without giving away what it is. Most of my friends ask me if it is super scary because of the tickets look creepy to half of the,. the other half they look cool...lol.

thats all. oh here are all the grades that i have found out so far instead of waiting until i get back for fall break:

  • Geometry???

  • World Geography???

  • English 2- 95

  • French Honors 2???

  • Biology Honors- 97

  • Financial Planning- 97

so right now it looks as though i will have A's and B's maybe one C?