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Merry Christmas!

December 25 2007
hope you all had a good one. I sure did!!! :]


September 18 2007

i hate how things are turning out in my life right now. i really really miss the old old days. :[





June 18 2007

is today. happy birthday me.



and i cant figure out this thing. i had to edit an old post bc i couldn't write a new one, nor can i figure out how to look at my requests.



anyway.. happy birthday me! :]

not happy with you guys

May 15 2007

i feel very unloved right now. thanks. no picture comments nothing

chris jensen is clearly my only friend

aaannndddd i can move out. one problem. no roommates. anyone looking for one?

i'm clean quiet and i don't throw carazy parties. haha


prom 07 pics

May 13 2007

i went with the love of my life, mister Stephen Turner

just a few pics up from the night. alot were the same so ijust put a few

and i went to ren fest today. pretty sure some little nerdy kids asked to take a picture with me. i said ok. i find it funny when that happens.

anyway, leave some love. :]


April 29 2007


April 05 2007

don't you hate when you find something out

and even tho it's really no big deal or life threatenting.. it still really ruins your day[s]

yeah. me too.


Justin Freaking Timberlake

March 17 2007

i seem to have a thing for celebs. haha

omg. this guy was AMAZING last night. not even kidding. best concert ever. it was so worth the money.

it went by so fast tho. it was midnight like before anything.

and also pink was good. love love love loved the show.

happy st pattys day

anna nicole smith

February 09 2007

i'm actually semi upset about her death

idk. i mean yeah she was really weird and uber annoying, but i guess we just don't think of hollywood people dying. i mean i don't. to me it's like they are 'gods' or something. since they are out of reach to us.. idk. it's weird. i mean i know they die. but when they die so young like that. and they don't know why. its crazy. oh well

i'm still a little upset.

but right now i have a date

with the mall

my nose hurts :[

January 03 2007

so i was in the hospital for seven stinkin hours.

they took care of everything. moved my septum over cleaned everything out.

and here's a funny story that me and my parents found out about

i broke my nose when i was little

yea. how do you not know? well .. we didn't

the doctor was like.. when we went up there and saw fracture lines where her nose had repaired. so that was a fun time.

but yea so i'm good and on oxycotton. so life's pretty peachy.

Sinus surgery

January 03 2007

so in like ten minuets i'm leaving to go get sinus surgery. i'm a bit nervous.. but my stinking 5 year sinus problem will finally be fixed.

lets hope i just don't die. :]


December 18 2006

poop. poop on boys

and that one song would just so happen to come up right now

grr. i'm glad it's break.


so i got my nose pierced

October 09 2006

and it kinda hurt

like alot

but its cute. see

and i like a boy

oh.. and paul stalked me the other night

that made me feel really special :]


October 02 2006


lifes lame

really lame



September 25 2006

so im in biology class. how fun.

i just failed my first test in here tho

haha. thats not fun.

new pics. check em. there are just three. nothing fun.

k bye

um.. nvm the sam thing. he turned out to be just as big as a jerk as the other guys. like seriously.. not five minutes after i posted this.. i get this lame excuse from him. im maaddd

guess who isn't good enough

September 11 2006

obviously im to cool for sororities. screw them


college is fun

i kinda have a boyfriend

whoops.. i mean.. um..

happy late bday paul

i wanna get my hair cut.. what do you guys think of this style

August 07 2006

i guess i didn't have to write all that up there. anyway.. i want to chop it all off. and i really like how this looks

now how do you think that'd look on me? its about chin length.. choppyish. i really like it and want to do it.. but im not sure if i can pull it off. so any of you beauty school kiddos.. input =)

im in love. =/

July 09 2006

like.. you know not real love.. but the type that when he gets on aim my heart just starts beating. ive never actually talked to him, once maybe. he doesn't know im here.. and i know i have no chance with him.

i always want the guys i can never have nor get. why is this? *sigh*